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Tutorial: How To Make A Mustache Cake

Hey! I’m gonna post a lot today, bc I’ll be inactive for a week 🙏 so sorry guys! 😘

So, one of Tumblr Things that I see, is MUSTACHE. 86 more words


CHILL BABY Mustache Pacifier

Mustache pacifier. Made from non-toxic plastic and kid-safe silicone.

The Mystique of the Mustache

I have known my husband for over 35 years and I have never known him without a mustache. The all male Catholic High School that he attended in the 60s had strict grooming standards which prohibited long hair (which was very popular at the time) as well as facial hair of any kind. 464 more words


A couple random things..


I have this BAD habit of leaving a mug half full of coffee on my desk, undrank….unused…sad…and forgotten.

Not today. Today, I am chugging it so that I won’t have a caked-on-goopy mess in my mug, come Monday!  83 more words

Story Time

Thursday,  April 17th, 2014

My Friend is Sadby Mo Willems
Lion Vs. Rabbit, by Alex Latimer
The Secret Plan, by Julia Sarcone-Roach… 190 more words

Thursday AM Storytime

Ractive.js and vert.x integration over the event bus

Recently I ran into Ractive.js which seemed like something doing exactly what I’d expect from a client side (browser that is) framework – fetch its own data and create nice web pages with that without getting me from the beginning too deep into JavaScript programming. 3,202 more words


female facial hair

Look, it happens – I’m a victim myself. Just last week, I went home after work to change & slap some makeup on before heading to the local college football team’s “spring scrimmage”. 734 more words

Facial Hair