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Roads Change

Mustafa’s Story

With the meeting over a wave of exhaustion overcame me and I decide to help myself to a coffee. Black Coffee, the same kind that Minahil was fond of. 1,153 more words


The Wrong Choice

Minahil’s Story

I suppose when you think about it I should’ve have forgiven him. Though my heart won’t let me, for the first time my heart is the one holding me back and not my brain. 750 more words


How can I relate product to itself in OpenERP 8 (Odoo) both ways?

On OpenERP 8 (Odoo), I’m developing a module that should add a field Related Products, it should relate products both ways. I added a many2many field… 78 more words


August 2014


They were all taken with the same roll of Lomography C/N 800 and La Sardina.
First photo was taken at the bridge near Fullerton hotel on the way to the Asian Civilisation Museum. 39 more words


I’d like to apologise for posting so late, with school going on i’ll be unable to post as much. But i hope you’ll bear with me :) 591 more words


Lock handling of scroll event in UIScrollView subview (inside a UIScrollView superview)

I have a complex view hierarchy:

    - UITableView
        - UICollectionView

The UICollectionView and UIScrollView both scroll horizontally. Now, I want to capture the swipe gesture exclusively on… 84 more words