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Recipe: Acar Timun (Spicy Warm Cucumber Salad)

I will certainly try cooking cucumber much more in the future after cooking this dish. Crunchy, fragrant and slightly spicy; I can see why this dish is traditionally paired with beef rending (see recipe here) – its freshness balances out the rich meat dish. 272 more words


Mustard Cucumbers...


We are drowning in cucumbers this year. I already canned dill pickles and bread-and-butter pickles a while back, but there is one recipe that I always make later on and I make it just for myself -my Grandmothers mustard cucumbers. 254 more words


Natal plum aka Karonda pickle

Natal plums are nearly all round fruits of a tree known as ‘killer’. The tree is considered by many as weed tree, though the fruit is deliciously tangy. 252 more words


Mango - Bitter gourd pickle

One of my trip to Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India, I happened to taste a pickle with bitter gourd. Intriguing !!! It was deliciously flavored with the tangy-ness of the raw mango along with hand pounded spices <3… 323 more words

Spicy rai potatoes

Quick and tasty carb fix- here goes!

(Tin of baby potatoes – serves two as a side dish)

1) Add 2 tbsp of cooking oil to pan and let heat on medium-low… 132 more words

Drumstick Stir Fry

When we arrived in Manipal, one of our first forays into the neighbourhood uncovered a drumstick tree in Asha and Thimmappa(Tim)’s backyard.  This prized culinary specimen was revealed, and requisite awe and appreciation elicited … although of course we had no idea why it was so revered and what on earth you did with it, but like everything we were assured it was… 672 more words

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