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Sunnis and Muta'a: 2

Nasibi website tried to respond to My Article, titled: “Sunnis and Mutah”And they did not refute any of my references given in This Article, rather accepted it by admitting that:- 742 more words


Portitusi Profesional ala Syi'ah

silahkan baca beberapa fatwa ulama rujukan syi’ah di bawah ini, mungkin anda akan paham, apa maksud judul saya di atas

dikutip dari:

شبكة السراج في الطريق إلى الله 239 more words


Debat Santri Muda Sunni vs Tokoh Wanita Syi'ah Indonesia tentang Mut'ah

Siapa yang tidak kenal Emilia Renita Az, seorang tokoh dan aktivis Syi’ah Indonesia yang juga istri pembesar syi’ah Indonesia Jalaluddin Rahmat (Ketua Dean Syuro Ikatan Jama’ah Ahlul Bait Indonesia/IJABI). 4,380 more words


What is bravery? We find it in the final words of a warrior.

It is a true, the essence of bravery is indeed in the conquering of fear, and not the absence of fear. We learn this from a prominent companion of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), Abdullah Ibn Rawaha (may God be pleased with him) —  a prominent writer and poet,  in the battle of Mu’tah (the first battle of the Muslim army against the Romans to avenge the cruelty and ultimate execution against an ambassador and messenger from Medina, “The messenger of the Messenger”, and to mark the beginning of the end of the diminishing Roman empire). 201 more words