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Teenage mutant ninja crickets

Only a few nights ago I was attacked by a cricket. You are probably imagining an adorable little cricket that hops around chirping on summer nights, forgetting that everything in the Amazon is aggressive and about four times normal size. 734 more words




Do I stay? Do I leave? I don’t know.

Are my wings way too ripped up to get very far? Yes.

But am I bored as hell? 259 more words

Mutant Me: Blonde Hair

Okay, I am a natural blonde and for some reason this is amazing to people. I never thought anything of my hair as I’ve had it all my life, but recently I went onto the ‘net to see what causes blonde hair and why blonde hair came about in the first place. 232 more words

Into the Storm

Of Royal Blood

Storm has been one of the most beloved female members of the X-Men team ever since she made her debut in 1975 . 581 more words


Lee Kwang Soo Confirmed for Next Movie Project

Are you a fan of Lee Kwang Soo? If so, here’s some great news! Yesterday (in Korea), King Kong Entertainment confirmed that Lee Kwang Soo will be starring alongside Park Bo Young in the upcoming movie  98 more words


Behold - the Beyonder!

As the new ‘Secret Wars’ epic looms ever closer, one figure is stepping out of the shadows: the monumentally powerful being known only as – the Beyonder!  783 more words


Where are the turtles now?

Contributor, Darby Cribb

You remember the crime fighting, life saving, pizza eating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? They were loved and adored by millions but, where are they now? 298 more words