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I remember my first comic book. I remember it well. January, 2001, X-Men #108 (vol. 2). I still have it actually. I read the hell out of it. 704 more words


THE DEAD LANDS--Giveaways and Goodness.

This week, on Friday August 1st, my latest novel will be released on Amazon Kindle, and additionally on Smashwords. This is a long-awaited release for me, and the culmination of a story I started writing more than two years ago.   1,906 more words

Dylan J. Morgan

Water Color Refines

Always trying new ideas and concepts. This is a Jim Dandy sketch with water color. Since I won’t fully show him until issue 3 I’m refining


The Upside To Hell

I’m in hell. Not damnation, just hell like temperatures. 90 to 100 degrees where dwell daily. It’s hot ya’ll. It can be difficult to focus on art stuff. 105 more words


GEEK4GEEK's Most Entertaining Comic Book Character

GEEK4GEEK’s Most Entertaining Comic Book Character

We here at GEEK4GEEK were sitting around discussing our favorite comic book characters. The discussion went all over the place, and around and around and around. 271 more words

He Wore Blue Velvet? Red King Crab in Disguise!

An extremely rare blue-colored red king crab has been plucked from the Bering Sea – and it’s at least the second specimen captured this year. Back in January, another lavender-hued crustacean was pulled from the same waters. 214 more words

What The-?

10 Most Misused Mutants in the X-Men Movies

To be completely transparent, I’m a huge nerd. I’m also a big fan of the X-Men films but they’ve definitely made missteps, where they underutilized certain characters that could have been amazing. 28 more words