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End of year wrap up, Part Three: Doctor Mars, Book 1 of Mindcop Dossiers

Doctor Mars was the third release for me in 2014. It was the first in a new science fiction series based on 22nd Century Mars. Featuring a strong female heroine named Liberty Rise, a mutant who used her abilities to combat major crimes on Mars and its moons. Click HERE to learn more.

Speculative Fiction

14. The Fly (1986)

I don’t buy Titanic, or The Killer, or Halloween, or any of the best movies of frequent entrants on this Top 100. Frankly, I dislike the idea of holding a director to one work, whose shadow they’ll always live in. 721 more words

BBPX Top 100

Spider-Man and the X-Men #1 (Marvel)

Rating: 4/5- The Daily Show’s Head Writer Gives Us Spider-Man and his Amazing Sweat-Hogs.
by ComicSpectrum reviewer Gabe Bustamantez.

Spider-Man has so much on his plate already, he just returned from being stuck in his own body after Doc Ock took over, and now he is trying to save unlimited versions of himself in the huge Spider-Verse event. 741 more words


When is a parasite not a parasite?

Ants are, to say the least, complicated creatures. They have fascinated scientists for hundreds of years with their hive mentality and social interactions and social hierarchies much like our own. 645 more words

Growing up with the X-Men

“Da na na na NA NA!”

That’s supposed to be the X-Men Animated Series theme song. Remember that? If you’re a member of my generation, should be a fond memory… 1,260 more words


Daily doodle: lil Glob Herman

I was using the paint brush to try doodling Glob Herman from the new class of X-Men characters

DOn Nguyen

Daily doodle: Baby Sentinels

Who better to terrorize baby mutants than baby Sentinels?

DOn Nguyen