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First Girl: Snippet #39

“Go!” Troy shouted, then turned his face away, spread his arms wide, and plunged towards the ground. Gabi leaned back against Ursula’s counterweight, on the verge of falling herself until Troy’s body landed on the sheet. 2,112 more words

The Genetics of Cancer- Is There a Test?

When Dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a thought that came to my mind was if cancer was genetic. Is it possible that it lies in my family? 385 more words


A debate on evolution - brought to you by YouTube

An interesting “debate” is unfolding on YouTube under a certain video in the comment sections and I had the privilege to take part in it. Actually, I’ve written some very long comments in response to one of the users there, and I did not want all this to disappear into the nothingness of the YouTube comment sections, so I figured I would just copy-paste those comments – in fact, the whole dialogue – here so that anyone interested can have a look at them. 3,391 more words


Study finds around 125 genes believed to be responsible for horse domestication

Capital Wired: Researchers discovered that DNA changes can turn an ancient horse into today’s Secretariats. It unveils that almost 125 genes are responsible for the process of equine domestication. 139 more words


First Girl: Snippet #34

One at a time, Ruth called a camper into the circle. Ginny or Christina escorted the girl to where Ruth sat, and guided her down to the floor across from the knife, bowl and salt. 1,818 more words

Mutations Drive Unrestrained Secretion

Benign tumors in the pituitary gland lead to uncontrolled secretion of the stress hormone cortisol by the cells of the adrenal cortex. An international research effort has now characterized a new mechanism that triggers the syndrome. 696 more words


First Girl: Snippet #32

The air in the hills of Cedar was different. It bubbled like sugared soda in Gabi’s lungs, so rich and pure she felt lightheaded with every inhale as the bubbles scoured her clean. 1,486 more words