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Davy - Edgar Pangborn (1964)

‘Davy is set in the far future if our world, in the fourth century after the collapse of what we describe as twentieth-century civilisation. In a land turned upside-down and backwards by the results of scientific unwisdom, Davy and his fellow Ramblers are carefree outcasts, whose bawdy, joyous adventures among the dead ashes of Old-Time culture make a novel which has been hailed as “a frightening, ribald, poignant look at an imaginary future,” as “this chilling and fascinating book,” as “superb entertainment… unique,” as “so unusual as to make it both refreshing and thought-provoking.”’ 334 more words


The Religious Sentiment of a New York Times Science Writer

The article by the NY Times explained how much of cancer appears to be just the result of random mutations: It just happens without our ability to control the event.   404 more words


My New Brother


We got a visit from a women from the welfare department, about Jaharin living with us. They have pushed him through the system extremely quickly, due to his parents being trapped in the containment area. 303 more words


"MoonBone - Shoulder Growth" small watercolor painting

Pen and watercolor on watercolor paper. 4.5″ x 6″
The final image received a dark wash and tweaking of line work.
I am hoping that this will be the first of a small series of moon-reactive characters.


Teaching the Controversy (comic)

I taught a kindergarten class this book once and at the end of the story all the animals trample the crocodile, giving him back bumps. Stupid children’s stories, not abiding by the laws of genetics. 19 more words


Time to Face the Music

If you’re reading this, then I’ve already been knocked out and had a sharp sterile scalpel taken to my forehead.

Let’s back it up just a bit and catch you up first. 1,156 more words