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Why do drug resistant strains of Malaria keep emerging from the same piece of jungle?

It’s rare that we stop and reflect on the sheer horror of life just 100 years ago, before antibiotics, vaccines and sterile technique were commonplace. In those days, every meal was a game of Russian roulette with… 1,266 more words


Insomnia and sleep deprivation, is there a way to thrive on minimal sleep?

Ah bedtime, time to cozy up under the warmth of the covers and fall asleep until the dreaded alarm rings in the morning. That is, unless you are one of the millions of people who suffer from some form of insomnia or sleep deprivation, destined to toss and turn the night away. 609 more words


Understanding DNA Sequencing, Part 2

Interested in learning more about DNA sequencing technology?  Be sure to read part one of this series before starting this post.

DNA sequencing in today’s laboratory is a little different than it was when it was developed in the late 1970’s.   808 more words


Ebola Virus Growing

Is This a Sign ………for the last days……

Researchers claim the Ebola virus disease (EVD) is rapidly and continually mutating, making it harder to diagnose and treat. 492 more words

Personal Security


I posted this August 30th… and now noticed that there wasn’t a comments section to my post not sure why.  It does seem like my original thought or part if it… is happening.   173 more words

Researchers make scientific history with new cellular connection.

Researchers from the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute have revealed an exciting and unusual biochemical connection. Their discovery has implications for diseases linked to mitochondria, which are the primary sources of energy production within our cells. 465 more words


Orphans of The Sky - Robert A Heinlein (1941)

‘Robert A Heinlein did more than any other writer to shape the Golden Age of science fiction and was, for well over two decades, the pre-eminent force in the field. 444 more words

Golden Age