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Last Monday, I received fantastic news: I got a letter saying I didn’t have the BRCA mutation gene.

This was totally unexpected but was obviously more than welcome news, not only because I was told that I would get the results in November but also I had mentally prepared myself with having the mutation. 285 more words

The genetics behind cleft lip and palate in dogs

Scientists studying birth defects in humans and purebred dogs have identified an association between cleft lip and cleft palate – conditions that occur when the lip and mouth fail to form properly during pregnancy – and a mutation in the… 369 more words


Are humans mutating?

With Mindware Upgrades and Cognitive Prosthetics, Humans Are Already Technological Animals

In recent years, the surprising idea that we’ll one day merge with our technology has warily made its way into the mainstream. 106 more words

Virtual Reality

Our Beliefs Control our Genes

You are not less powerful than your genes, says Bruce Lipton, PhD.

It is common belief that the nucleus is the command center or the brain of the cell because it contains the genes, the DNA. 281 more words

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Zebra's Don't Have Monkeys

Happy Monday! Willow Dressel is back today, continuing her series on biblical skeptics. The beginning of her series started here.


Florida Lizards Show that Evolutionary Change Can Be Rapid


  • Scientists have observed that a Florida lizard species has moved much higher in the trees when faced with competition from a new competitor, an invasive lizard species from Cuba.
  • 1,165 more words

Riddley Walker - Russell Hoban (1980)

This came to me highly recommended; praised by mainstream literary critics when it was published and listed in David Pringle’s ‘Science Fiction: The Hundred Best Novels’ … 439 more words