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Eggplant Encore

“I Am The Eggplant” followed by “Lettuce Be” and “Big Butter and Eggplant.”


'Decoding Annie Parker'

‘Decoding Annie Parker’ : See a trailer and MORE of the below article at the link.

“Like Angelina Jolie, Annie Parker has the BRCA1 gene mutation known to cause breast and ovarian cancer. 186 more words


Life of a Cancer Cell

Cancer, a word that has more than 700 million hits on Google, that features in 100 million news articles and affects, directly or indirectly, the majority of the world population, still remains a mystery to us. 2,384 more words


Why Sci-Fi Is Awesome

As you may have know, I do love science fiction. Now the question is why? Some people also say it’s kinda childish.

But let’s think about it, science fiction is just a Science with Logic but not happening in a real world yet because we don’t have that kinda technology… yet. 176 more words


Are cancers newly evolved species? / “Once a cell has crossed that barrier of autonomy, it’s a new species,”

- “I think Duesberg is correct by criticizing mutation theory, which sustains a billion-dollar drug industry focused on blocking these mutations,” said Vincent, a medical oncologist. 1,526 more words

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Homecoming - Friday Fictioneers


The whole town was there, standing in hushed anticipation for the return of Senor Najera’s son from the war.

“He was wounded,” someone whispered. “Hit by the enemy’s new weapon.” 77 more words


Cancer Biochemistry


Next class would be on Cancer. The class would be on Friday, April 11,2014.

The attached Handouts contain basic details of Cancer and its causation.