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Most Risk for Autism Comes from Common Genetic Variation, Not Rare Genes

Most of the genetic risk for autism comes from versions of genes that are common in the population rather than from rare variants or spontaneous glitches. 6 more words


Causes of breast cancer

We have studied the inheritance of mutant forms of the BRCA 1,2 as a cause of breast cancer. The reason being
1/ the stance of Angelina Jolie… 46 more words

Assessment Tasks

Breast cancer...an ethical issue

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Latest update on BRCA Gene Patenting
May 2014
Following the US Supreme Court’s ruling last year that the BRCA gene patents held by US biotechnology company Myriad Genetics are invalid on the basis that isolated genes are not patentable, the US market for BRCA gene testing has opened up, and several US competitors have launched related products.


Common gene variants account for most of the genetic risk for autism.

Nearly 60 percent of the risk of developing autism is genetic and most of that risk is caused by inherited variant genes that are common in the population and present in individuals without the disorder, according to a study led by researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. 822 more words


Per Mutations

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Now, to the main course. I once had an argumentative discussion with a man and he asked me a simple question; How do you know the colour you’re calling black now has always being black. 678 more words

The Fly (1986) Movie Review

Before you ask me, no, this is not a remake of the original 1958 movie that I’ve reviewed in the past.  Rather it’s a movie that is based loosely on the same source material (the novel about a man mixing with a fly while trying to transport matter) and tells a completely different story with it.   910 more words

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