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Riddley Walker - Russell Hoban (1980)

This came to me highly recommended; praised by mainstream literary critics when it was published and listed in David Pringle’s ‘Science Fiction: The Hundred Best Novels’ … 439 more words


31 Screams in October, #23: The Fly (1986)

Director: David Cronenberg

Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz

Remakes are looked upon with such disdain, and rightly so. Generally, they are little more than cash cows cooked up by greedy studio heads who think that anything they regurgitate will be accepted by the general public… which, sadly, is not that inaccurate. 620 more words

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Plato's Republic

Plato, in The Republic, suggested the elimination of malformed children to keep the race strong and perfect.

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The importance of differences in opinion in the evolution of thought

Genetically, we are all different. None of us has the same genetic sequence, not even identical twins. The reason: mutations. Mutations are changes in the genetic material of an organism, changes that cause alterations in the protein(s) that this gene codes for. 718 more words

Science And Sociology

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differences in opinion are to ideological evolution what mutation is to genetics! Nicely put forth.. "Just as mutation is necessary for biological evolution, this difference in perception and interpretation is necessary for ideological evolution". Reblogged from: http://triformedlamb.wordpress.com/

Ebola case - mutation

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Excerpt :

The Ebola virus mutates

More worrisome news

The Ebola virus is mutating. According to the voice of Russia, the Ebola virus is changing. 34 more words

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Has Ebola mutation already occurred?

Research scientists have been puzzled by the rapid spread of the Ebola contagion as compared to past outbreaks. The standard explanation has been that in previous outbreaks the contagion was contained by quarantine  and/or geographic isolation. 153 more words