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Two studies identify and verify a detectable, pre-cancerous state in the blood.

Researchers from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Harvard Medical School, and Harvard-affiliated hospitals have uncovered an easily detectable, ‘pre-malignant’ state in the blood that significantly increases the likelihood that an individual will go on to develop blood cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma, or myelodysplastic syndrome. 1,235 more words


First Girl: Snippet #18

The starved man, Marcus, was thrashing weakly on his bed, which barely caused the sheets to shift across him in his shrunken state. Dr. Gearhart looked over his shoulder at Dr. 1,459 more words

First Girl: Snippet #17

For an instant, Gabi felt the terror of exposure, the fluorescent lights overhead stripping any concealing shadows from the room. The ward was divided into cubicles by curtains suspended from rods. 1,393 more words

First Girl: Snippet #16

“Hi, Gabriela, is everything okay? Is the memorial service over already?” Officer Katz was on duty as always, reading a book behind the reception desk and taking cursory glances at the monitors on the wall. 1,411 more words

Tiny patient prompts advance in neurogenetics.

The medical community knows that a tiny group of cells in the brain stem tells humans when to breathe. These cells can sense the buildup of carbon dioxide in the blood, thanks in part to a protein called connexin. 700 more words


First Girl: Snippet #15

Mathew was stony and silent as they drove together to the temple where nearly every fellow in the branch awaited the chance to give their condolences to the Lowell family. 1,475 more words

First Girl: Snippet #14

Though she would have gladly hurled the suitcase and all of its contents off of a cliff to have Gram back for even a few seconds, Gabi couldn’t deny how thrilling it was to finally get to open it for herself. 1,207 more words