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Mutual Appreciation – a rating agency conundrum

It’s easy to speculate that the rating agencies might not give a Mutual (or cooperative) insurer the credit they deserve in the rating process; that an agency may appear more familiar or comfortable with listed shareholder (stock) companies and that a shareholder company capital structure and profit mentality will drive better ratings.  1,350 more words

The representation of co-ops in popular culture

When I lived in Manchester I used to shop at a large wholefood co-op. It was cheap, well stocked with good food, nicely set out and one of the major attractions in the area. 890 more words

Mutuals aren't back door privatisation of the NHS, they are right through the front door

Here we go again. Not saying there shouldn’t be any mutuals, but mutualisation of the NHS is a neoliberal con.

One year before a general election and healthcare professionals are being told again by politicians that they will be able to run things their own way. 435 more words