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Seriously, why is SPEED so underrated?

Or is it just my imagination?

I mean, some groups, even groups I love, like MR.MR and AlphaBAT, do lack in some areas which at least is a reason why they aren’t more popular… 85 more words


Musical Friday w Wax/왁스

Wax/왁스 – Fix My Makeup/화장을 고치고

Wax has been a long time fav of mine. Almost from the time of her debut. Her voice isn’t too scratchy, or too high pitched for me. 20 more words


[30012015] Song of the Week

Did I ever tell you guys that I took me ages to learn the names of Infinite? The first person in Infinite I learned the name of was Hoya and he stayed as my fave too… This week began with the release of Pretty from Infinite H and I have to admit I really like the song. 32 more words


Tey did not let us down!

Excuse me while I wipe my drool off the floor.

I am so happy right now! This is just so good. Tey’s voice! That voice… 32 more words


ALLYSSE TV: A.KOR Always K-pop Fan Reaction [에이코어 Official Video]

This is my 1st time reviewing A.Kor and listening to their music. I really like this song!! :)

Wanna learn more about Allysse?
▶ALLYSSE Website : … 53 more words


Super excited

So the band I went to see at a concert in Hamburg in December, is fianlly out with their new MV. it’s called CRY OUT….oh forgot to tell that the band is called One Ok Rock, and they are super cool, they are a Japanese band but a lot of their songs a actually in English, then they often have a verse or a chorus in japanese, so that is pretty awesome. 264 more words