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Templates in Rails Views : An Overview

My previous blog gives a brief introduction to Rails framework, Model-View-Controller architecture and Rails Views. There I explained briefly about the three components of Rails Views, namely Templates, Partials and Layouts. 710 more words

Action View

Rails MVC

In my previous post, I had discussed why one should take Rails Ride ! There I had mentioned about the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture which is being followed by Rails. 493 more words

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Repository Pattern in ASP.NET MVC

The term “Repository” itself defines what it does in MVC or you can say the role it plays in MVC.

In simple sentence, you can say it stores the information about a specific thing(in our case, it is Entity). 409 more words


Kendo UI in ASP.NET MVC - Part 1

What is Kendo UI?

It is an opensource UI framework and application development tool that can be integrated with Visual studio and is a better and enhanced way of developing web application. 274 more words


Redirecting to other Action in Runtime in mvc

specify this class in your project

public class MyRouteHander : IRouteHandler
public IHttpHandler GetHttpHandler(RequestContext requestContext)
var rd = requestContext.RouteData;
var action = rd.GetRequiredString(“action”); 85 more words

Change Action In Runtime In Mvc

Native Javascript OOP - 3 Layers - Part 1

Today, I am going to guide you building application using native Javascript with 3 layers model at a front-end and also using 3 layers at a back-end. 602 more words


Da Big Ones

Over the weekend my school hosted the Cougar Invite. To most people that phrase means next to nothing, but most girl high school swimmers would understand and interpret it as my high school hosted an Invitational swim meet. 1,043 more words