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Paging in MVC

Add reference to your project of PagedList.Mvc and PagedList which will be using to page the results and pager on view

public ActionResult Index(string keyword = null,int page =1)
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A Script to Print ModelState Errors and Field Names

This will write to the Output Window all the errors that are being thrown from the ModelState of an asp.net MVC Razor app.

var errors = ModelState.Where(m => m.Value.Errors.Count() > 0);
foreach (var kvp in errors)
    System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine(string.Format("{0}:{1}", kvp.Key, kvp.Value.Errors[0].ErrorMessage));
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Jerry Kill Likens Eastern Illinois to NDSU

I’m trying to figure out which cliche to go with here:

Not so fast, Coach Kill!

Eastern Illinois, you’re no NDSU.


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Big Ten

Developing a Yii music library application

To get some more experience using PHP frameworks, I’m going to do more with Yii.

The first application I’m going to try and make is a Music Library application. 60 more words


What is the difference between Html.RenderPartial () and Html.Partial ()?

The return type of “RenderPartial” is void, whereas “Partial” returns “MvcHtmlString”. “Html.RenderPartial ()” returns void and the output will be directly written to the output stream whereas “Html.Partial ()” method returns “MvcHtmlstring” which can be assigned to a variable and manipulate if it is required. 21 more words


Injury bug worries Wolford

Youngstown, Ohio (WYTV)- In their last scrimmage of the summer, the goal for head coach Eric Wolford’s team was to get out healthy. Wolford sat some key players throughout the scrimmage to do just that, but was still unable to get out of the scrimmage injury free. 244 more words