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DataTables version 10+ and .NET AJAX

It has been ages since I have posted a software development post. The last week, I have been working on some MVC 4 code and had to figure out how to do server-side support for the most excellent… 1,482 more words

Software Architecture And Development

ASP .NET MVC for Beginners in Web Development


This tutorial is aimed at .NET developers that are total beginners in the Web Applications world and want to get started using familiar Microsoft .NET technologies. 5,261 more words


Captcha for MVC

I was working on a MVC4 project in my requirements – use captcha to validate the human vs Robots/spam.

I researched a lot to find the better solution and here are the things I came across that are better. 547 more words


Difference between MVC2, MVC3, MVC4

The main purpose of the MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture is to make separation of the business layer (logic) and the application layer (data)  from the presentation layer to the user. 383 more words

Selected value not set on DropDownListFor() in MVC

Let me tell you small story.

There is a ‘title’ column name for salutation in database. Based on that, I create a view model so property name is ‘title’ and list name is ‘titles’. 42 more words