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Forget Passowrd MVC4

I have created a forget password functionality within mvc, so if a user forgets his/her password, they will have the ability to create a new one.  8 more words

API for the Mobile App to Access my MVC Application/Db

At the minute, I found a way to get the app to talk to my mvc application/db. This is called ServiceStack. I am digging into the research of  Service Stack so I hope to have more information later on tonight/tomorrow morning. 42 more words

ASP .NET MVC 4. Model that returns a List of Prime numbers. MVC Example 2.

This time I’m going to build a more complicated Model than before in example 1. In the first example we had a “Car” Model with any attributes and get set. 403 more words


MVC Routes and Controller- Part 1

Lets start with simple but important question,

How does asp.net knows how to deliver a request to a specific controller. Like /home/about to the Home Controller? 518 more words


Model MVC. Basic MVC example in ASP .NET MVC 4. Example 1.

There is much literature on the MVC model, the chart I think it better illustrates this is the following:

The user makes a request from any browser, the controller receives or hears the request and call to the model, model manages the query or action required and returns a result to the controller, controller passes this data to view and the view “paint” these data. 291 more words


entity framework: code first

This is part of a series on creating an ASP.NET MVC 4 application from the Empty template. We created the project in this post. 299 more words

Focused ASP.NET

MVC 4 Bundle

Last night I was modifying MVC 4 project, and I’ve faced very strange issue, which I’ve decided to share.

First about the bundling – it’s awesome. 622 more words