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This project provides a cross-platform mvvm mobile development framework

The Mvvm Platform for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, WindowsPhone, WindowsStore, WPF and Mac. Includes databinding support for Android XML, for iOS XIBs and for MonoTouch.Dialog. Original Post>>


DialogService in MVVM Light V5

Some days ago we talked about the new release of MVVM Light Toolkit and, in particular, we presented the new NavigationService.

The other service that is shipped with MVVM Light V5 is… 294 more words


Creating and Binding to a Custom User Control in MVVM Cross

While creating my game, I recently came across the problem of navigation. This post describes how to create a custom user control and react to the event inside. 371 more words


A generic version of ICollectionView used in a MVVM searchable list

In this post we will describe how to create a searchable list with WPF following MVVM principles. To this aim we will use a WPF… 1,014 more words


MVVM - Simple Way You Can Think

Hello Everyone, previously I’ve posted about Data Binding. Today, we’ll talk about one the most important and little bit advanced topic. It’s all about “MVVM”. 1,017 more words


NavigationService in MVVM Light V5

Two days ago, at Xamarin Evolve conference in Atlanta, has been announced the availability of MVVM Light V5. This release contains interesting updates for Xamarin, as we can read in the… 472 more words


How to correctly use the Mobile Services SDK with MVVM in Universal Windows apps

If we want to use an Azure Mobile Service in our Universal apps, we can take advantage of the Add | Connected Service menu command. In this way, a static reference to a… 176 more words