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Unit Testing Methods With Random Elements (in MVVM Cross)

Okay, quick spoiler for this: you can’t. You can’t, not really; obviously, you can write the test, but unit tests should be predictive, and a random element should not. 544 more words


DevJev Tech Report-KnockoutJS{22/07/14}

I happened to stumbled upon KnockoutJS(KO) and decided to dig deeper into this library.It turns out Knockout is a stand alone java script implementation of  the MVVM( Model View ViewModel) pattern with templates. 260 more words

Helpers and Extension Methods for Games

Typically, extension methods and helpers are small methods that allow the same functional code to be re-used. An excellent (and useful) example is this:

        public static void ForEach<T>(this IEnumerable<T> enumeration, Action<T> action)
           foreach (T item in enumeration) action(item);
… 497 more words

How to bind to a Grouped Items ViewModel with sample data

In MVVM development, you need to define some items collections bindable to your User Interface (View).
First, you must create your collection and items, next, you can create some samples and finally you need to bind these objects to your View (UI). 711 more words



ICommand – there is a very good if somewhat old (so what?) step through of the principles and possible implementations on MSDN.

Trying it out on a Visual Studio App template: 498 more words