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Starting with Angular part 3 - services

We have covered basic topics in the first two tutorials. Now it is time to see something a little more advanced. In this tutorial we will see how to add services to our application, after all there is no application without some sort of data coming from somewhere. 1,083 more words


My WPF/MVVM "must have" part 1/ 3 - working with design time data

This is the first post of a series in three parts where I will discuss what are the “must have” of any of my WPF/MVVM projects. 1,301 more words


MVVM in the web world


Lately I have been experimenting with some web and I must say. the web is really making really amazing advances. The JS libraries out there are pretty awesome and make your job much more fun that it was a couple of years back ! 923 more words

Tips And Tricks

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Starting with Angular Part 2 - loops

In this tutorial we will continue the basic tutorial and show how we can work with some simple structures, such as loops.

In case you missed it, you’re welcome to visit the first tutorial in the series :  713 more words


Storing and Displaying Hierarchical Data


There are times when you would want to classify data in a hierarchical manner. The structure of file system folders, organizational layouts, categorization of books in a library are just a few examples that face the hierarchy. 2,388 more words


Starting with Angular

So, you’ve looked around, looking for a new role and most of them seem to mention Angular.

Wherever you turn, whatever ad you read, it mentions Angular, it’s right there in your face. 934 more words