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Republicans ... say one thing and continute to do another on the floor of Congress

just another rant …

The 113th Congress went on vacation, with fewer days worked than the people they seem to keep voting against …some Republicans call lazy… 510 more words

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How many use "the Media" for voting information

Just another rant …

The President says the time for talk is over; I agree, but if you read and or listen to the Media, who characterized this President’s actions as frantic and furious regarding health care reform done.  687 more words

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in solidarity ... 2014

just another rant

If you believe in moving into the 21st Century, believe in health care being accessible to all , if you believe it is a right not a privilege or that the overhaul to health care is long overdue; then you are on the right side of history.  468 more words

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

The weather, is  wicked.  It is reported that winter is rolling in for the mid-west and east coast though life is as per usual here in the 206 … windy cold and reports of Halloween rain. 835 more words

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More States and Countries are choosing to Ban and or Reduce access to Plastic Bags

 I have to include an update to what seemingly was a ban, is in reality. a choice to pay .5 – .10cents for plastic bags if you want them? 658 more words

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