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My take on the point of rules

In all honestly, I think that rules are important within a set context and if that context is not applicable, are really not quite appropriate. I find that the true purpose of rules and regulations are to guide people to be considerate of things that they may not be aware of or may not know to do or not do. 757 more words

About Me

Idea- linguistics comic

My semantics professor is brilliantly dramatic and is skilled at the arts of exaggeration and imagery, and I’ve been seriously contemplating drawing out a comic series based off of the doodles I’ve drawn in class directly from the imagery she’s used. 90 more words

My Adventures In Academia

Humanity's greatest flaw: an inability to accept responsibility

He did it! She did it! It was their fault! I didn’t do anything! It’s not my fault! I am completely blameless! It’s your fault! Not mine! 648 more words