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Survival of the phatest

Photo. Scribble and scratch 2014 Bristol.
Survival of the phatest have a proposal. We want to hold an event in Cardiff in February. Ive been asked to send photos of my work to a building project and i wanted to get back to this contact. 114 more words

My Art


Photo. Finished painting 2014. Bedroom artist.
I need to find a name for the piece. Somehow i feel like im painting the same painting since when i was twenty one. 110 more words

My Art

nothing much going on in my life after AFA, all i do is eat/sleep/draw/watch anime/play games. i’m broke for the entire month too.. much regret on putting my job on hold for AFA. 48 more words

My Art

Totally sleep deprived

It’s almost 6 AM and I haven’t slept at all because my sleep schedule is now a mess┬ásince the winter break began, and I have to catch the bus back to downtown early anyway because I have to start packing my stuff and go meet my family in Vancouver for new year. 130 more words