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Icons Challenge 5.1

For Season 20in20

amazing background text broken colour splash devastated emotional guest star solid background taken aback yellow

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In Which Mushroom Boy is Drawn.

I thought of him 2 nights ago, and here he is:

About Me

Technically, I’m a rank beginner in my digital design class, but before I joined this group, I was in a studio art class. I work well with charcoal, ink, and pastels, but I believed that, in the long run, I would  benefit more from doing digital design. 100 more words

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Marie Claire Features Women Fighting to Preserve Native Culture



In an August 19 article, Marie Claire featured eight young women who are fighting to preserve their culture.

They come from all walks of life and occupy a number of jobs—among them a school administrator, a teacher, a poet/singer/songwriter, a server at a hotel, a musician/photographer/filmmaker/artist, and a community wellness advocate, who is pictured here. 155 more words


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Thank you Oscar for sharing this feature. As indigenous people of this world, we must fight to protect our culture. Once the culture leaves us, it is gone forever. Museums and books will not and cannot re-capture nor save the culture for our future generations. Read more at http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2014/08/26/marie-claire-features-women-fighting-preserve-native-culture-156592

Sam Dei Lune

” Listen The needs of your Body… “

Sam Dei Lune

Sam is the Yoga Instructor que puede hacer un verdadero cambio en tu existencia… 45 more words

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