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FIREHAND&Yaho!(From junior year sketchbook)

Fire Hand!!!!!!!
This is from my junior year sketchbook. I think I was just exprrimenting with water on soft pastels!

Two versions! Top is the phonetoshopped one, and the second is original picture taken with Galaxy S 3 camera. 53 more words

The Good and Evil

I often ponder over a question mostly when I have nothing else to do other than staring at my work and wonder if it really reflects the world as I wanted it to do. 419 more words


Collage Experimenting

I’ve been very inspired by colleges recently. I experimented with my printer and copying images several times, adding or changing new items. I took an old photograph from a Playboy calendar and censored it with the image of flowers covering her breasts, expressing the feminine beauty of them. 62 more words


Late evening Cahore and infinity

A full on day at work, domestic chores and feeding my monsters kept me out of the sea till nearly eight twenty this evening. The hot sticky day had given way to a cooler evening. 130 more words

My Art

New Blog Adventures

I tried to quit this blog, but my editor/daughter wouldn’t let me. In case I haven’t mentioned this, I am not much of a writer. I don’t even like reading books without pictures. 178 more words

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I´m so excited today and I´ll share with everybody!!!
SFFÖ is stronger for 2 members more, a economist and  a cameraman and video editor!
There is possibility for SFFU (Uppsala)  so only thing that was on my mind whole day today and yesterday was: 28 more words