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Since I will be starting The Faith of Abraham series this Sunday I thought I would give you a pre-view. I have used acrostics before so this is nothing new to me…only that each one is different and has to match up with the first letter in the line. 177 more words


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Friends at first welcome to my blog website.I am really very thankful to you for visit my website.Actually I have made this site to spread my practical experience to you.But to be succeeded I need visitors on my website.But it’s not easy to get visitors without a perfect website… 47 more words


Don't Look For God in The Sky, his Within You

Find the real you, the one that our creator created to experience life on earth and you will find God is within you already. That love that he showers upon you is so magical that you will find that peaceful energy will surround you! 10 more words

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In “Mindsets,” Carol Dweck describes two different mindsets people use to think about their skills and abilities. People with a fixed mindset view their skills and abilities as fixed in stone; people with a growth mindset believe that the skills and abilities they have are just a starting point for development, and that they can improve those skills and abilities through time and effort. 205 more words

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Ang Diyos ang may control ng ating mga buhay at ng ating mga ikinabubuhay, Tayo’y nilikha Nya ayon sa Kanyang kalarawan at kawangis, Nais Nya na makatulad tayo sa Kanyang Anak, bakit hindi natin ma-control ang ating sarili sa kasalanan at sa mga bagay na nagbibigay sa atin karamdaman? 23 more words

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