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Tough Times for The God Squad

“Jesus was frankly a big disappointment to me,” said God in a recent interview. “I hated his faggy friends, there was too much turning water into wine when the going got tough, and his bitch Mary Magdalene was a fuckin’ ho’, to be blunt. 297 more words

Establishing shot

Every movie and television show has  a Establishing shot. This shot is use to show the viewers where the action or drama is taking place. Now when it comes to a Establishing  shot, the videographer, this frame can be shot with a Very Wide  shot, which is an angle where you can see the setting as well as the subject, or you can use an Extreme Wide shot, which focus on the surrendering of the environment.  60 more words

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Your wish is my command

Might be a stupid idea but here it goes.

Sometimes I have the urge to write something but I don’t know what. There’s so much in the world that I could write about. 179 more words


Low Angle Shot

A few days ago I was talking about the High Angle shot, well, tonight its time to talk about the Low Angle Shot.  The Low Angle shot is below the subject and is uselessly  sitting on Tripod.  94 more words

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An Introuduction

When I was younger all I wanted to be was a teenager. I thought it would amazing: going out by myself, having great friends, being trusted, acting grown up, … 170 more words