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A Fungus Among Us!

We’re looking at fungus spores (Sordaria firmacola to be exact) in lab today and one of my perithecias looked like Pac-man.

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Exchange trip to Montpellier 1981

(I’m in the middle)


I travelled by train alone. I was only about fifteen at the time. It had been an exchange trip. Unfortunately I fell asleep and missed my stop and had to ask for a lift from two nuns who very kindly took me to the address. 322 more words

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Frantic Friday!

Well DH and Youngest left the house this morning at 5.00am, Youngest left the bathroom light on and DH managed to bang the front door on the way out!!!!!!!!!  259 more words

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10 Facts About Pears

Hi everyone,

Today was my market day, and I’ve found some great Pears. So, just wanted to share with you the great qualities of Pears. 70 more words

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Long Thought Cut Short

Happy Friday!

Have an Fabulous Weekend!

Take a Walk or Read a Book!

Clean the House or Go Shopping!

Visit Friends or Stay Home and Rest! 27 more words

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The EU Wants Another £1.7 Billion - Or Does It?

The EU wants another £1.7 billion of our money, apparently because our economy is going well(!) so we should help out our less fortunate neighbours. 582 more words

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Milestones and Musings

Kayla came home from school the other day with a new boyfriend, that’s five fella’s she has on the go now. She’s talking sleepovers, cinema dates and walking to school together. 336 more words

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