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"I'm Just Saying"

(About That Movie The Interview) – “Sony” cannot win for losing, and vice – versa. All of these people are complaining, because they pulled the film. 38 more words

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Christmas Wishlist Item #1

This is the first of the many to come items on my Christmas wishlist this year. Instead of writing to Santa about what I want, I’ll be blogging them in hopes that the chubby man will somehow read them whilst netsurfing for great deals on plastic toys for the good kiddies around the world. 266 more words

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December 18th, 2014

#TBT Look at how much snow we had 2 years ago on this day! No snow at all yet this year…

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Old Ghosts...

I found this poem with my stuff and considering I don’t even remember writing it, it’s amazing the paper is still in mint condition. I even did an internet search to make sure I didn’t copy it somewhere ( ;) ) I probably wrote it in High School. 206 more words

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" ________ " poem by BLaine Robert Parker ( P O E T R Y book # 3 )

” ______ “

Life is like a mountain

of snow

It moves in many

Directions .

By BLaine Robert Parker

Date Written – July / 2002

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2 Years of Blogging

(Excuse the typo’s, I’m writing this with my phone, something I can’t do very well.)

2 Years, holy shit!
Incipient-ly I wanted to pen about these two years and how we regard aging with progress, how we presume blindly that our process in life is propitious but that that isn’t always the case. 280 more words

Home Sweet Home

All Me

“I got way too much on my mental/I learn from what I’ve been through/I’m finna do what I didn’t do/And still waking up like the rest do/Not complicated, it’s simple” 729 more words

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