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We can learn so much from ourselves. Take the time to be your own teacher.

Hastie, Michelle (2014-01-01). The Weight Loss Shift: Be More, Weigh Less (Kindle Location 737). Absolute Love Publishing. Kindle Edition.
My Body

If I am going to be honest, when it has worked was when I was eating 0-5.  The part that did not work for me was the guilt and shame and “owing” it to God to be obedient with my body.   77 more words



For a while now I’ve been without conditioner. This is one of those items that I have deemed luxury and unnecessary. I have also been working my way through shampoo alternatives. 253 more words

My Body

The Physical Journey Begins!! (with stats)

A big part of this year for me is taking better care of my body. My poor body! For so long I hated it, as if it was the problem, when in fact it has always done exactly what I asked of it. 269 more words

My Body

My Body

There is an ache

that settles inside of my shin bones.

Some call it shin splints

but to me it is a hard days work. 246 more words

My Body - The Internal Battle!!!

So I’m starting to feel lazy! Not because of what I’m eating, but mentally! I keep thinking it would be easier to just go make a bowl of pasta or chicken, In reality I know it isnt. 267 more words


My Body - The beginning!!!!

Part of the reason for me starting this is that I have decided to take a bit of control back in my life.  I want to enjoy life again instead of being led by it.  522 more words