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If I had satellite radio, I’m not sure that I’d ever change the station from Alt Nation.


All Inked Up!

Permanently marking your skin seems a little bit insane.
A piercing you can take out, the hole will eventually close up or is too small to even notice, unless you have spacers which enlarges the holes which to be honest I don’t understand or like at all but each to there own which I guess is the same for tattoos- each to their own. 748 more words

"Hear all year" by Sasha at the International Plaza Hotel

Saturday July 12, 2014
5 minutes
from a banner at Winnipeg Folk Fest

I love the three blonde hairs on each of my big toes, 103 more words

I'm Bringing Klutzy Back

It’s not so much that nothing’s happened to me since I left Costa Rica… in fact a LOT has happened since then. But, most recently, the things that have happened actually fit in this blog. 125 more words


I was amazed at what I could do at physical therapy today.  I got placed on a rowing machine.  Although it probably looked really ugly, I still managed to run it for almost 8 minutes, meaning I am getting stronger.   97 more words

My Body

What a great weekend

This past weekend was just what I needed.  Got to have a date night with Tania.  Went to dinner, talked, and watch soccer afterwards.  It was a lot of fun spending time with her and and just getting that one-on-one time was fantastic.   193 more words

My Body

Very proud of the 1st week

Well, Friday has come and gone!  I feel I had a very successful week.  Even an evening without crutches.  I hobbled around, yes, but I hobbled around.   374 more words

My Body