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We can always use a bit of help from above.


Why you NEED to practise Body Awareness!

Body awareness is not something that is really encouraged or taught, apart from in sports and exercise, but even then it is with the view of… 1,154 more words


I’m delving into butterflies for the next many months, or years. This project is supposed to mimic a real butterfly in nature, but with the next I may explore my imagination and float into fantasy land.

Present Day Writing

Nothing is wrong with me.

We are made to believe beauty and looks are of great interest making us miss working on things that are way more important than those. People are already mean enough and when you add your own negative thoughts on top of them then its a whole other level. 242 more words

Up And About My Days

Not a Resolution

In the spirit of the new year, I have decided to avoid anything resembling a New Year’s Resolution.  Something like 92% of people who make a resolution fail, and I am usually one of them. 302 more words

Get Fit

Starting the Shred

Last night I went beyond the limp noodle stage.  You know how you can throw a spaghetti noodle at a wall to make sure it’s done?   258 more words

Get Fit

Putting Myself Out There

Hi, my name is Christine and I am overweight.

I’m not a huge believer of New Year’s Resolutions.  Every single one I’ve ever made died before I even got through the first week of January so I have no reason to believe the same thing won’t happen in 2015.   270 more words

Get Fit