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Strange Facts About Me

(Due to how sensitive my body is)
Strange #1: I like the burn feeling you get when you drink soda.

Strange #2: I also like the burn feeling you get when you breath in really cold air. 339 more words

My Life

A friend with a lemon tree

I really need a friend with a lemon tree. If there is one fruit that you should alway have available its a lemon. Unfortunately the lemon tree that I planted nearly four years ago now is not doing well. 256 more words

My Kitchen

Me and My Body

Inspired by this conversation with the legend that is Cary Franklin…Far too much to say in a tweet, so here goes.

I’m not going to go into what is done to photographs to create the ridiculous standards that the fashion industry expects us to aspire to because I’ll just end up shouting in capitals, hyperventilating and probably breaking something. 859 more words


Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional

This post is inspired by another: http://janetcate.com/2014/11/23/can-i-let-go-of-suffering-2/ and is a collection of explanations found off Goggle pertaining to the above title.

It was also something I’ve been thinking about in regards to my years in therapy with Raymond and what he had chalked on his board in the entry-way that day. 2,159 more words




I don’t want to talk about my body. I feel more ashamed and more embarrassed about it than anything I have shared. I removed one post and am tempted to remove the latest one. 556 more words


IF ONLY part 2

If only I’d lose 50 lbs. I’d be so happy. Would I? I ought to know by now that’s not true. I’d feel healthier, that’s true. 415 more words