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After Tiller and abortion access: A few thoughts

1/ “My body, my choice”: There is a heart and a soul that come with that body. Choose wisely.

2/ We want peace in the world; why do we demand access to violence in our sisters’ wombs? 128 more words


Purging Is Not for Me

I’m not bulimic, but last night I figured I’d purge for the first time in like, ever. I had a lot to eat for dinner and I didn’t feel that it was necessary to keep it all in, because it was just, a lot of food. 228 more words

My Body


I managed to unzip my skimpy red dress till my tail bone after fifteen minutes of constant struggle, only to realize I had torn it from the right side near my waist. 344 more words

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I changed my diet and feel fantastic


So a lot has changed since my last post in April.  I have found it really difficult to find a diet that suits me, and that I can keep up in the long-term. 511 more words


My body is weird!

Ok. My body is so weird! Heres why…

A year and a half ago I had surgery. I had tumours on my ovaries so I had both of them removed, along of course with the tumours. 171 more words

Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows
You know, they say Peace Corps service gives you some of the highest emotional highs and lowest emotional lows you’ll experience. I thought I’d share some emotional moments I’ve had so far: 157 more words

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My body Friday

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