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Reporting back

Well, it’s time for the annual blog post where I gush about how proud I am of my boys, what they have achieved during the year and their awesome end of year reports. 1,372 more words

My Boys

Feeling like a burden.

I’m having a shit night. I’m not going to try and sugarcoat it. It’s a shit night. I’m not quite sure why – maybe it’s the monsoon-like storm that’s been going on here since Sunday. 656 more words

My date is having surgery

I guess I’m destined to be the nice guy that everyone wants in their lives, but nobody wants to be IN their lives.

Did I overthink this situation or misread all the signs with him?

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3 Randoms per Housemate

To let you know a little more about the people I live with, today I’m sharing three random facts/stories about the three crazy men I live with. 475 more words


backed up.

good news. i am going to catch this all up. eventually.

until then, if you have Facebook, you can find me there. though i prefer this space, Facebook updates are fast and easy for the busy fall season. 75 more words

My Boys

Gratitude #24

Grateful for this kid…who spent the morning clearing out an area for the tree just to help out. He always goes above and beyond to help around the house and blesses me daily. 16 more words

I've got Latin Fever

I feel like I only write when things are going on in my life that need to get out of my head. I guess my blog is my therapy…my shrink. 972 more words