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So guys...

I’ve been experimenting with this character thing that will represent me in comics that I make and stuff, and I really like it. I’m deciding whether or not I’ll change my profile picture to it. 25 more words

Random Posts


Rin finally got a Dardric Motif book and – at getting a VR3 rank – made herself a gift.

Hood isn’t Daedric, though, it’s a light armor Breton helmet, but I sooo love the half-mask!


I did it!

I finished the Main Story questline ^_^

After being glitched for 2 days the final battle finally decided to work :D So – voila! – Prince Un-Charming is down, Rin got her soul back and was shooed by Cadwell to travel in the other alliances locations but in VR zones :D



Rin got herself a horsie ^_^


Rin and Lian (commission)

Wonderful and talented Isbjorg draw my dear elves!


Aren’t they PERFECT?!