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I’m absolutely at a loss of the words!!!!

Wonderful and talented Kimir-Ra (http://kimir-ra.deviantart.com/) finished my commission of Gwilwering! THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!



“Choose one, and only one!”


Why can’t I take¬†Cadwell with me instead?! *whining*


New favourite

I have a new favourite armor now =)

It’s a 28lvl leather armor with superior upgrade (jack and guards, still need to upgrade everything else). I just looooove the color! 9 more words


About armor

Breton style hide looks great!

And – ta-daa! – Rin got her first leather armor ^_^


Lian - new face, new outfit

Yesterday I tweaked a little bit Lian’s appearance. The general idea remained pretty much the same but I just like this face better ^_^ And today he got some experience and finally was able to change his clothes. 18 more words



Rin crafted herself some hide armor. Hmmmmm, it looks really nice! I’m already looking forward to making some leather armor ^_^ As well as getting some (ok, ok, A LOT!) materials for upgrading it – wasted all I had on upgrading this one…


Gwilwering: Becoming a Brackenleaf's Briar

Eat the frog, they say!

Talk to the giant tree, they say!

Eating the frog and talking to a tree is not all that safe either, if you ask me! 27 more words