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The German Juggernaut

My son will return from New England shortly. He’s my son, so of course I miss him, but I didn’t miss being browbeaten and regarded as a lower form of life every time he enters the room. 698 more words

Family Of Origin

A Welcome Visitor

This is me with Mom’s sister Angie, on one of her visits from Boston.

My Childhood

Coloring with Barbie

This was one of my favorite coloring books. Now, Stella loves filling up the pages I missed, but she uses Prismacolor pencils, not crayons.

My Childhood

I'm the Latest Addition

Here’s Mom, showing newborn me off to my siblings, Tom and Maureen.

My Childhood

Thanks, Mom

Last week, my mother sent a few of my baby pictures to my new husband, and then to me:
Psychotic demon child in the first picture. 101 more words

Memory Lane

My Mom's illnesses

My mother is a diagnosed Schizophrenic she is Bipolar. She abused all sorts of drugs from OTC meds to meth. She could care less about me and my four siblings. 18 more words

My Childhood

My mother

My mother was abusing drugs and her children. I am the youngest of five.
There were times when my mother would beat me until I couldn’t move at all. 45 more words

My Childhood