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Anatomy of a Scar

So a while back I mentioned offhand that, due to my occasional tendency to blurt things out thoughtlessly, I self-sequester from Nice Guys™.  (If you’re like, “Why does this chick hate decent men?” go read that link.  1,939 more words

Trauma And Human Relations

A Family Like Any Other

My nan is 74 this September. She feels fine, some days are easier than others but on the whole she is lucky to be that healthy. 1,558 more words

Rain Check for the Red Sox

I wonder if this was from a game we attended as a family or from one of the games Dad saw with other members of his Elks lodge.

My Childhood

The German Juggernaut

My son will return from New England shortly. He’s my son, so of course I miss him, but I didn’t miss being browbeaten and regarded as a lower form of life every time he enters the room. 698 more words

Family Of Origin

A Welcome Visitor

This is me with Mom’s sister Angie, on one of her visits from Boston.

My Childhood

Coloring with Barbie

This was one of my favorite coloring books. Now, Stella loves filling up the pages I missed, but she uses Prismacolor pencils, not crayons.

My Childhood

I'm the Latest Addition

Here’s Mom, showing newborn me off to my siblings, Tom and Maureen.

My Childhood