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TBT: An Ugly Car and Cloud Gazing

I’ve told a couple of stories from my past recently, one verbally to some friends and one in a blog comment.  Both times, I received such a positive response that I thought I should write them up as blog posts.   770 more words

My Husband

Life is like a HURRICANE....

Disney kicked off their “90s Week” by revamping the Duck Tales theme song with real ducks! Sure it’s not EXACTLY how the theme song video goes, but it’s pretty dang close. 60 more words


Ball Murder Incident of 1974

Now that I’m a grown up I look back at my childhood and I have a healthy dose of respect for some of the things that, as a kid, I thought were crazy parenting ideas.   477 more words

My Life

A Creative Little Girl

Once there was a little girl. A creative little girl.

She sketched foreign alien planets with deep craters and rocket ships made out of pencils blasting into space.  654 more words


Dinner Party

Except for when relatives visited from out of town, Mom and Dad seldom had people over for dinner. Therefore, this dinner party for my some of my father’s coworkers and their wives was a memorable event, and there was no way Tom, Maureen, and I were staying upstairs in our beds.

My Childhood


Watching this Golden unique image,
Remembering my childhood days,
Early morning of those lazy winter
With the arrival of First SUN rays,
My uncle building a tomb of the paddy, 30 more words



Summer days,
Listening to am radio,
Running around,
Dust and sweat,
The 70’s begins
As a boy matures,

My Poetry