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Talking To Myself

I can’t journal. I just can’t. I feel bored talking to myself like that. But I’ve come to the realization that I need to talk.. to someone.. 834 more words


When Math And Awesome Aren't Considered Synonymous

Jane and I had a conversation recently as she struggled with her math homework and I grew frustrated with what she didn’t understand.  I finally looked at her and said, “Honey, I’m sorry.  1,313 more words

Jane (The Oldest)

Baking With Grandma... or... Still So Much To Learn

I baked cookies with my mom and grandma last Friday. We made some of those chocolate crackle cookies, some with peppermint candy on top and others with marachino cherries and a cherry glaze drizzled. 204 more words


"Jurassic World" - Official Trailer

Can I just say, being a HUGE FAN of the original movie, Jurassic Park…….I couldn’t help but side eye the shit out of this trailer the entire time I watched it. 148 more words


A Child's Promise

A long time ago,
When I was still only a child,
I made a promise to myself.

I realized something,
A truth,
That has proven to remain true, 191 more words

My Life

Throwback Thursday: CD Players

Do you remember a time when there was no such thing as an iPod? The only way for you to listen to music was with a portable CD player. 337 more words


Throwback Thursdays: VideoNow

Do you guys remember these bulky video players everyone had as a kid? I got one for Christmas one year and it never left my sight; I had Nick cartoons like Spongebob and Jenny the Teenage Robot, and then I had music videos to watch ranging from Jesse McCartney to the Backstreet Boys. 266 more words