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TBT: Ride Sharing

In honor of Throwback Thursday…

My junior year of high school, I carpooled to school with a guy I had been friends with since early elementary school.   483 more words


TBT: Sharing Facilities

When I was fifteen, I participated in Rayado, which is a program at Philmont Scout Ranch, a Boy Scout backpacking camp in New Mexico.  My grandparents had taken groups of Scouts, boys  565 more words


TBT: The Great Stuffed Animal Migration

I had a lot of dolls and stuffed animals when I was young.  I mean, a lot.  So did my little brother.  We had our favorites.   951 more words


Do you want to know how I got these scars?

I don’t have many fond and memorable childhood memories. Sure, my parents would take the family on a holiday every year for Christmas. But they always fought and argued over silly things, so I don’t actually remember having a happy family holiday.. 1,387 more words

Domestic Violence

Seriously School Sucked like Sh!t

I’ve changed schools at least 5 times during my schooling years. My mum was really insecure about having friends over for hangouts because her parents never let her bring her friends over to play. 2,136 more words

Domestic Violence

TBT: My Car, My Step-dad, and Me

This week’s posts about timid drivers and the discussion about bad day birthdays got me to thinking about my stepdad.  Specifically, some experiences we shared while I was learning to drive. 999 more words