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Beirut (Antoun)


By Antoun Elramy

My city is Beirut is located in Lebanon. It is in the central part of Lebanon. The population in Beirut is 361,366(2012). 74 more words

My City

KABUL (Nadira)


By Nadira Muhammadi

        I was born in the city of Kabul. It is located in the centre of Afghanistan. Kabul is the capital city of Afghanistan. 74 more words

My City

Ek News pe Ek Sensation Free!

Consumers – we are built to believe that any “offer” is a good offer. We like the end-of-season sales even if it means buying not-of-season clothes, we love buying that iced tea just because it has a free shaker and not because we need it. 526 more words

My City

l Me And Myself

Hello…l am  writing  again  surprised  for myself. As  you read l am  introducing myself today. I  l am Dr Rupali  Shinde; staying at  Kolhapur , a small town in the state of Maharashtra ;   lndia–Hindustan. 146 more words




 1) I was born in Belarus in the city of Grodno.

2)The capital of Belarus is Minsk.

3)My city is located in the eastern part of Belarus. 71 more words

My City

Bangkok (Ekkavee Wiboonkul)


By Ekkavee Wiboonkul

     My city is Bangkok. Bangkok is located in Thailand. It is in the central part of Thailand. The population of Bangkok is 8.3 million. 62 more words

My City

Baghdad (Hamed Zahid)


By Hamed Zahid  

My city is Baghdad.

Baghdad is located in Iraq. It is in the central part of Iraq country.

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and of Baghdad Governorate. 33 more words

My City