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A new subject on my blog: My Closet! This is a small thing subject so that when I’m so happy with a certain piece of my closet I will make a post about it! 193 more words


Pink Bag Heaven

There is nothing better then arriving home to see a particular pink bag waiting for you in the door way. My amazing husband made a quick stop at the Calypso St. 58 more words

My Outfits!

My Summer Favorites

Every once in a while I get obsessed with a few things in my wardrobe, a new lipstick or some new shoes I bought on sale, and this summer wasn’t the exception because let´s be honest, summer is a really fun time and anyone who says that they hate is probably lying. 494 more words

It´s Not Vanity

Lucky 3!

Photo 1: Sun Flowers from the Carmel Farmers Market.

Photo 2: Louis Vuitton accessories with a Beverly Hills keychain from LA.

Photo 3: My family crest ring pared with pearl rings from Rue Gembon: … 7 more words



As I was trying to flush out my closet this morning, I stumbled upon this thrifted denim jacket that I bought a couple months back. The first thing that popped into my head was “I have no idea why I bought this. 140 more words

My Closet

All-American Summer

Shoes: Topshop, Socks: American Apparel, Overalls: Levis, Top: Nordstrom BP, Scrunchie: Topshop

Hello! I wasn’t kidding when I said you would see more overalls soon! I bought this pair a while ago, but have a new found love for them. 177 more words

My Closet

What I'm rocking today – the green pencil skirt

It is quite clear that I am all for the idea of minimalist capsule wardrobes. I don’t like hoarding clothes, sheerly due to the fact that I was in boarding school since the age of 14 and went to res at university, and moved rooms every new school year and have to pack between school and home and back again and I remember the pain of seeing items of clothes that you actually never wore and actually never really liked. 287 more words

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