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Hi people!

Do not think I will write so much today. Very tired and sleepy, haha.
Today it was up early, eat, change to handball clothing and off to the hall. 99 more words

My Day!

Monday, ugh...


Today has just been a normal day. First I got up early to go to school. Monday, yuck, I do not like Mondays … After school I went home, ate some food, switching to handball clothing and went to the bus. 36 more words

My Day!

Sporty day!

Hello everyone!

Today the whole day has gone on to play handball. From 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening! All day I have been in handball hall and put on matches, played games and been social with all my teammates :) Today has been incredibly fun! 88 more words

My Day!

Film and Handball 😍

Hey people!

Today, I have done much differently. First, I met a friend on the bus and we were going to the cinema to watch a movie! 147 more words

My Day!

Friiiiidaaaay :) :)

Hello people!

Today it’s finally friday, and the weekend is here! A normal long and boring day at school, and a handball game on the evening. 75 more words

My Day!

My normal day


Today few words about my day. Of course I won’t talk about things like eating breakfast (okay, I can just say that I love pancakes :D)  or other boring things… Don’t worry I’ve got some friends but in this article I am going to describe my day at home! 272 more words