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Well… How do I start?…

G’Day! My name is Freddy! I am, at this point in time, 20 years old! I am Half Swedish and half Australian… As the blog’s name might have hinted ;) 206 more words



As summer starts to fade by each beautiful Canadian sunset, the tone that gives intense pleasure to the sight and other senses is totally awesome. Baseball has moved ever so close to the fall classic that I treasure so much. 739 more words

My Day

Pool day!

A day of rest? What’s that?

Today I did actually sleep in, until almost 9am! Wow! Did I do something good to deserve this treat? What is it they say…I need a vacation from my vacation! 340 more words

What I Love!

Monday, ugh...


Today has just been a normal day. First I got up early to go to school. Monday, yuck, I do not like Mondays … After school I went home, ate some food, switching to handball clothing and went to the bus. 36 more words

My Day!


Four blunt pencils in a mud pot. A junk of bright pens that don’t write stand crammed at each other’s mercy in a purple pen stand, a long scale that goes unused for the longest time of the year, two sharpeners, one of which obviously does not work but still sits there, is picked up now and then, shoved into a pencil’s head and thrown back in disgust, curses under the breath. 352 more words

A country fair and lobster fest!

How does one follow a day at the beach? With a country fair and lobster fest, of course! Didn’t you get the memo?

The day started way too early, 7:30 to be exact, is there a pattern here? 651 more words


Sporty day!

Hello everyone!

Today the whole day has gone on to play handball. From 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening! All day I have been in handball hall and put on matches, played games and been social with all my teammates :) Today has been incredibly fun! 88 more words

My Day!