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Don't gooooooooo

This was the cry from EJS when I was leaving with GES to go to girls night.

What a feeling! “You’re not going are you?” “Yes I am, I’m going with mommy”  “But you’re coming right back, right?”  “Eventually”  “Awe…bbbbuuuttt…”  from her sister “I’ll miss you”. 78 more words


7 hours and 44 minutes of Real Life

Check the time. Its 5:15. Im still stuck on Eleah’s early schedule she was on for a few weeks. But now shes sleeping peacefully next to me. 1,735 more words

Things Kids Say....

I am laughing really often in my job. I’m so damn lucky to be able to say that! It still takes me by surprise here that kids talk with a Yorkshire accent. 189 more words

My Day

Christmas whishes and talking about annoying people

Well today (woah this actually feels like a diary… I wrote a diary once when I was like 11… it was just terrible, but funny though (reading it right now I mean)) was a normal school-thursday for me. 576 more words


So where to start....

So right off the bat i should apologize to anyone that may happen to read this, i know the grammar and punctuation may not be that of a scholar but hey what can i say i’m doing this for myself to help get some stuff off my chest and if someone out there can relate to what i have to say or hell just enjoys reading some of my crazy then that works for me too.   550 more words


Social studies and sport theory

Today I wrote my social studies test. It was quite okay, as I expected it to be. That was the hard part of the day, afterwards was just a normal boring school day. 255 more words


Chemistry and little sleep


Well today we wrote the long feared chemistry test. And it was as miserable as I expected it to be. I HONESTLY never felt that bad before/while/(directly) after writing a test. 255 more words