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Alexander McQueen RTW Spring 2015-''Geisha power''

There could be no better cure from last day’s disappointment than the Alexander Mc Queen RTW Spring 2015 collection.The concept was based in Sarah Burton’s personal collection of oriental garments,mostly kimonos merged with this magical touch  of empowering women that she knows best.Bold flower patterns,organza dresses and half face kabuki-style masks adding to the idea of Oriental chic were presented as part of a collection with dazzling floral patterns,almost mesmerizing as well as some excellently executed dresses and pants. 7 more words

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Gareth Pugh Spring 2015 RTW- 'Extraterrestrial' Excellence

“I am an excitable person who only understands life lyrically, musically, in whom feelings are much stronger as reason. I am so thirsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. 42 more words

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New York City Ballet Fall Gala merging Music and High Fashion

The New York City Gala marks the City Ballets’ new season with a combination of art fashion as the costume design for the performances was from several big-fashion names presenting  a starting show. 100 more words

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Mary Katrantzou Spring 2015 Ready/to/Wear-Oceanic Magnitude

Let me first acknowledge the fact that i like Mary Katranzou’s work-in fact there is hardly an item i wouldn’t wear or suggest others to.This time,was no exception.The same enjoyable surprise,the same sense of a fashion fun designer and,most of all,great outfits that don’t let you feel betrayed.There’s plenty of inspiration in Mary Katranzou’s mind so as to quickly overcome her signature digital prints and move to 3D-much to my delight.This time was about design being created by textures,textures that looked like a ‘fashion read’ of Panthalassa and Tectonic plaques altogether.And it worked.Especially because Katranzou is talented enough to deliver such a strong concept in subtle almost traditionally strict forms-skirts,tops and simple dresses,nothing elaborate in generic design.But the garments were vivid,mind blowing, where alive,innovating and at the same time highly wearable.Shall i say more?

"My Dear,how Exceptional!"

Marios Schwab Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear-in Marios we trust!

They claim there’s a film-noir elements in Schwab’s collection in the bast,so the new one should have some dark elements. Nop!Like it or not the collection was a lesson in avant garde tailoring and the essence of umber chic with a twist.This season,Schwab’s idea seems to be the re-constructive process and the exploration of  strict, tailor made outfits.And it worked.It was so refreshing to view all items us women mostly use,presented us as never before, pushing thus the boundaries between casual chic and..  61 more words

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Exhibition reminder: 'Death Becomes Her- A Century of Mourning Attire' at the Met NY.

Death Becomes Her

A Century of Mourning Attire

October 21, 2014–February 1, 2015

This Costume Institute exhibition will explore the aesthetic development and cultural implications of mourning fashions of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. 220 more words

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