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I recently decided to try knitting with beads. I decided to make a headband so I came up with a design. Halfway through I decided to make it bigger, so I started improvising a new design. 44 more words


Huge granny square blanket - finished!

Otherwise known as the Tilting Granny Squares blanket! Sounds ridiculous, I know, but I didn’t actually notice the tilty nature of the squares until I’d crocheted about six. 631 more words



Morning guys, happy holiday all :) now on I would like to share about my last material in my penkom class. it’s about how to make blog’s header with photoshop. 261 more words


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My Design

New water bottle design for Avitez

The new water bottle designed by Francesco Cappuccio ‘breathe’ like plants do. An evolutionary product for the visionary mindset. Created to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of an ever-changing world The bottle  is made 100% from plants. 83 more words


Wheat in the Wind Sleeves

Saturday I finished my Wheat in the Wind Sleeves! I’m pretty excited. They turned out how I wanted them to and that’s always a good thing. 187 more words


WIP: Wheat in the Wind Sleeves, update

I finished the right sleeve. I know I said I was knitting them two at a time, but they got too big and it was awkward working with them both on the needles. 189 more words