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Day 7: Suburban Man v's Mountain

I couldn’t sleep the excitement of reaching the summit of my Fuji was within sight. So I waited outside for the majority of the night as I thrilled by the electrical storm, watching lighting strike from the top of the cloud and gazing at the Milky Way clearer than I had ever seen it before. 137 more words

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Day 6: The climb of a lifetime.

Above me in all it’s glory, stood Mt Fuji with not a cloud in the sky. It was so surreal that the day had finally come to climb to the summit. 71 more words

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Day 5: Origami

Marriage and love was in the air as I woke up to find out that a couple we were rooming with had just got engaged at the summit of my Fuji. 54 more words

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Day 3: Bueno Nikko

I couldn’t help but laugh as I looked out upon a waterfall only to see a cloud of mist accompanied by the sound of crashing of the falling water. 117 more words

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Blocking frenzy

I have an adversion to blocking, not just because of these two try to help.

But I haven’t enough room at the moment to do anything of any size but the kitchen table.   140 more words

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Day 4: Triple trouble!

With no bags and no pocket wifi we woke up with missions on our mind. The battle continued as we searched for a pair of shorts that would fit Kev, a top that didn’t have padding for Rach, an extra Mochi-cream for me and valid JR passes so we could get on our way to Fuji mountain. 47 more words

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Be creative! (day 2)

Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.

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