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Reader's block?

This will be a slight continuation of my last post, and a further idea about the notion of blocks.

I feel I’ve had a reader’s block for a while too. 724 more words


sweet&sour meatballs bento

It took 15minutes to make this bento although I used meatballs instead of deep-fried pork to save time. I grilled salmon and made instant mashed potato last night. 14 more words

My Everyday Life

bento on July 30th

チャプチェで使い切りました。 冷凍ハンバーグは、硬くておいしく
ないなぁ。 ごはんが、ミルキークイーンから、「森のくまさん」に
変わりました。 こんなもんなのかな? 俺の好みではないな。


My Everyday Life

Random Thoughts of the Day- Health

Hey everyone! So once again, I am stuck at home sick. I missed another day of work and went to see my doctor. Apparently I have an acute Bronchitis! 610 more words

My Everyday Life

My Many Faces

They say we are made of our many faces, of the people around us. They effect our lives, our growth and our happiness.

I think I have four faces: the cool kid, the princess, the writer, and the geek. 170 more words

My Everyday Life

the day of the ox bento

I don’t think that many people except Japanese(and Chinese?) do understand “the day of the ox.”(It comes from an ancient Chinese astrology point of view.) Today is the day we eat an eel in Japan, anyway. 20 more words

My Everyday Life