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Me! {Rhode Island Photography}

Having a wonderful summer with my family in Quebec!

My Family!

Tea Cups & the Comet

We have been trying to find fun things to do over the past few weeks, its really hard for a family of four to find things to do that don’t cost hundreds of dollars.   348 more words

My Family

Hello 5!

Gosh! 5 years old this August, where did the time go! I still remember the day we had him and it really does seem like yesterday. 75 more words


Enjoy the Little Things in Life

This morning found myself hugging and carrying Enya longer than I usually would. As she wrapped herself tightly in my arms, I suddenly wished she would stopped growing up so fast. 17 more words


Nebraska Dairy Farmer

This weekend we celebrated my grandpa’s 90th birthday. How do you celebrate a Nebraska dairy farmer?

With family, particularly crazy cousins (Missing the party were 6 grandchildren and various spouses and 8 of the 16 great grandchildren.)… 75 more words

My Family

My Greatest Sorrow is My Greatest Joy

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things” ~ Robert Brault

She’s dying. My 9 year old daughter is dying. 944 more words


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"enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things" It's 3am. An hour earlier, Enya came over to my room to wake me to sleep with her in her bed, again. I was frustrated with her. Why can't she, at 3 years old now, not sleep through the night, but still wakes up daily in the middle of the night to get me over her bed to sleep with her? Why does she has to make my parenting life so difficult? Feeling frustrated as I'll have difficulty falling back to sleep immediately once being waken up. Chanced upon this blog while battling with my insomnia, and made me want to hug her now. May my trio's (hubby and my 2 girls) little things be my big things in life, always.