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Other People's Results Day

(specifically, my sister’s!)

I collected my A2 results last week (and blogged about it, of course), and there was plenty of hand-shaking, fist-pumping and back-slapping amongst me and my friends and teachers, all in an excited and relieved whirl, because I had my results, and I had done well, so screw you Conservative government. 438 more words

Reactions To Stuff

The Gruhapravesam Story

With S constantly travelling and me being stuck up here, we couldn’t arrange anything at all until the last minute. For a person like me, who needs planning ahead for anything and everything – it was like sitting on a hot stove. 638 more words

I And S

The Baby Shower Party

Presented by Lactamil, Mamacare & Pregnancy Magazine Indonesia

Dan.. hari yang ditunggu-tunggupun tiba…
Last weekend was my baby shower and it was one of the loveliest days of my life! 664 more words

My Family

Not my burden, not my problem

Does anyone else emotionally distance themselves from the people closest to them when it’s convenient?

My sister was crying in the kitchen while I was eating, and I just kept eating faster to get out of there. 248 more words


Against the "smash cake"

My son will not be having a “smash cake” as part of his first birthday celebration.

He will certainly be partaking of birthday cake. And he may very well smash it. 591 more words

My Family

Every day I thank the god I don't believe in for my little pack of pills

I found out today that my nineteen-year-old sister is pregnant.

She was one month away from beating teen pregnancy.

I wouldn’t have much opinion in the situation if I didn’t live at home. 205 more words


Cape Breton

During the first week of August, The fam and I went on a mini vacation to Cape Breton. Sigh….

It’s only the second time we’ve been there, (the first being Carla & Brian’s wedding!) but we are hopelessly in love. 177 more words