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Learning Resources for October, 2014

October is always a favorite time of the year for my family.  It’s also a favorite month for learning!  October has a good variety of themes, foods, and daily historic events.  867 more words

Our Homeschool

Hello again!

It’s been a while… but it feels like a good time for a catch up!

I was telling a friend about how much I loved writing my blog – reflecting on where I am and what I’m doing with my life… and I realised with astonishment that I last updated more than two years ago! 438 more words

Life In France


Hypergamy.  According to Merriam-Webster, it’s defined as “the act of marrying up”.  Generally, it means the act of a woman marrying a higher-value man than she should, and (in recent terms) has also come to mean a woman breaking up with a man once something “better” comes along.   481 more words

Lesson in First Time Motherhood #4 Cloth Diapers

I’m pretty amazed by myself when it comes to diapering. I think I shock my husband every day. I do not like to be dirty. I really don’t like to get my hands dirty, so when I told him we should cloth diaper I think he almost passed out. 703 more words


TM: Mie Instant, My guilty pleasure

Duh.. Jadi inget waktu jaman kost di Jatinangor dulu… Hujan-hujan, makan mie kuah rame-rame bareng temen, tanggal muda/tua pun menentukan isi mie kuah, kalo lagi tanggal muda isinya komplit ada bakso, telur, rawit, sayuran, makannya pake kerupuk. 345 more words

My Family

Who is Maggie Douglas? Part One

Last week, I read a post over on PastSmith that really resonated with me.  She has a few photos that are presenting potential relatives that she hasn’t been able to connect to her tree.  902 more words


A Day of Curiosity

john Dewey said it:

The curious mind is constantly alert and exploring, seeking material for thought, as a vigorous and healthy body is on the qui vive for nutriment.

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