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Weekly Wrap-Up:

***Disclaimer:  Some of the pictures later in this post may gross you  out ;) ***


As a highschooler, Brendan needs several P.E. credits and my dad (who recently retired) graciously offered to teach tennis lessons.  340 more words

MFW-K... Ll is for Leaf

We just wrapped up the third unit of My Father’s World A to Z of God’s Creation. The letter Ll was our focus this week and learning all about leaves and plant life. 241 more words


MFW-K... Mm is for Moon

We have finished our second unit of My Father’s World A to Z of God’s Creation. We had lots of fun studying the moon, rocket ships, the letter M, and how we can be a light of the world. 227 more words


MFW-K... Ss is for Sun!

My Father’s World‘s God’s Creation from A to Z curriculum is broken into six day unit studies. Each unit has a main study that is tied into a bible concept.   428 more words


My Father's World Kindergarten: Moon

We began our moon unit by watching Fly Me to The Moon, which is a really cute movie about three flies who stow away on Apollo 11 and take a trip to the moon! 564 more words

MFW Kindergarten - Creation Week

We have successfully completed our first week of kindergarten using My Father’s World God’s Creation from A to Z. The first ten days is a gentle introduction of school while studying about God’s creation. 346 more words