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MFW Kindergarten - Moon

We have finished our second unit of My Father’s World A to Z of God’s Creation. We had lots of fun studying the moon, rocket ships, the letter M, and how we can be a light of the world. 230 more words

My Father's World

MFW Kindergarten - Sun

My Father’s World‘s God’s Creation from A to Z curriculum is broken into six day unit studies. Each unit has a main study that is tied into a bible concept.   428 more words

My Father's World

My Father's World Kindergarten: Moon

We began our moon unit by watching Fly Me to The Moon, which is a really cute movie about three flies who stow away on Apollo 11 and take a trip to the moon! 564 more words

MFW Kindergarten - Creation Week

We have successfully completed our first week of kindergarten using My Father’s World God’s Creation from A to Z. The first ten days is a gentle introduction of school while studying about God’s creation. 346 more words

My Father's World

We CONQUERED Kindergarten!

I’d like to start blog off by giving my family a super High-5 and Double Fist Pump for having an awesome homeschool year! Oh yeah! We did it!! 351 more words


Ryan's First Day

Our first day of Exploration to 1850 went pretty well (we had some frustration during math, but got everything worked out :) ).  It’s hard to start back after summer break, even for me!  181 more words

My Fathers World Kindergarten: Sun

This week we did the sun unit in our My Father’s World kindergarten curriculum! We learned about the letter S and that “Jesus is the light of the world”. 839 more words