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He held a hank of her hair, watching the gold strands drift through his fingers. Forty years old, but eleven in comprehension, he stared into her unblinking eyes and began to cry. 51 more words

My Fiction

dear cosmo

The modern woman finds out the person she is sleeping with is also sleeping with other people, and is supposed to be ok with it. 100 more words

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happy mother's day

I drive by a man on my way back from Whole Foods who is trying to sell flowers on the median. He has a lot of muscles and is wearing one of those bright orange vests for visibility. 270 more words

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the fall

Miles from home I get caught in the rain and I think of the raindrop unions and near-misses I’m in the midst of. I wonder if I will fall, one day, with the same inexorability, and if I will be afraid. 28 more words

My Fiction


We’ve all come to the marsh for the time being. Somehow, we’ve been made aware not to act as excited to see each other as some of us inwardly are. 310 more words

My Fiction

The Princess of Pendland is Live on Wattpad

Hello Readers,

I have stopped bullshitting and I have begun a novel that has been percolating in my system for awhile. I have strong feelings about Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Katharine of Aragon, etc.  83 more words

Being A Writer Is Fun!!

A Writing Entry - Through a Lens Darkly

This was published in Pagan Edge in November of 2012.  The theme for the month was “redefinition,” or “redefining oneself.”  There were a lot of ways to interpret that theme, and this is what I came up with.  671 more words