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Off The Beaten Track...

Very short paranormal fake movie trailer. The script for the trailer was written while in sixth form as part of a group, I filmed and edited the video  also while at sixth form. 15 more words



My experiment with hand drawn stop motion:


Political blah-blah, my remix of politics...

A short funny, jokingly video of found footage and audio to create a simple entertaining video of the blah-blah that we often here from politicians. NO offence meant.


The Big Pitch...

Pitching my film in two minutes.

My film is called ‘Path to Glory’, it follows a team four of elite SAS soldiers who our sent on a search and destroy mission¬†deep into enemy Russian territory to stop the launch of a nuclear missile with the capability to wipe out the whole of the UK. 840 more words


Familiar - A Level Short Film

I made this short film for my A2 media coursework. This was the first time I’d worked on my own to produce a film. I did all of the research, planning, storyboards, script and shot lists by myself. 218 more words

My Films

Uninvited - LAFTA Awards 2014 Best Production Winner

My team and I, decided to make a short film for the LAFTA awards, patroned by actor Jim Broadbent, after our AS Levels. I believe that the success of our short film was owed to how well we all worked to our strengths and allowed others to contribute where their skills lay. 208 more words

My Films

Chroma Key

An editing experiment using chroma key: