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What. The. Fuck. Happened. To. Steam.

Now, my title may not be grammatically correct, but it does go across the point. Oh, also, sorry for not updating my blog in like 4 months. 478 more words


"God Only Gives You What You Can Handle In Life!" - Does that mean I've Developed a "High" Tolerance To Stress OR What?

I understand that we all have stress in our lives. I realize we all have things to deal with. Sometimes it’s good things but for a good portion of our lives it can be an overwhelming amount of stressful situations. 604 more words

"Investigative Ink"


I’ve been painting again. Walls, not pictures this time. It’s long overdue, and I enjoy doing it. While I paint, I listen to music for a while, then I switch to podcasts. 278 more words


Misunderstanding God

In some way, I can accept that at the subatomic level, the laws of physics become weird and probabilistic. That seems to be the only way I feel like I can justify this world. 314 more words

Just Thoughts



 My comments in blue, Scriptures & quotes in black, references in green.

We have a saying to get the truth get it; “Straight from the horse’ mouth” (or ask them); 1,398 more words

Verse of the Day - Psalm 65:8

I’m thankful once more for the strength I have received to get through this current trial, strength that allowed me to see the sunset this evening. 188 more words