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Taking a break from spring break...

So I kind of left you with a cliff-hanger there, huh? Sorry about that! But the last couple posts to finish out the story of our spring break trip in Haiti are on their way! 1,232 more words


Citi Field Spartan Sprint - Race Recap

On Saturday I finished race 5 of the year, and boy oh boy was it a doozy! I competed in the Spartan Sprint Race at Citi Field, the home of the METS. 1,105 more words

My Journey

"You eat what??" A look into my decision to eating Paleo

I used to be a vegetarian — for almost 10 years! I was in high school when I made the decision to stop eating meat and it just became a part of who I was. 349 more words


What does hangover free look like?

Now this isn’t some philosophical question, more of a visual representation question.  I’ve been thinking about changing my blog a bit and was trying to think of what ‘a hangover free life’ looks like visually. 274 more words

My Journey

#1000Joys Part V: 89-110

Unlike the last time I posted several weeks ago, my heart is full. My feet still hurt, my hair is a bit unruly, and I feel like I’m on the precipice of change. 190 more words

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No fan of the foot am I

I am not a fan of the foot. Whatever term means the polar opposite of a foot fetish, that term applies to me. I don’t want to see, touch, smell or really even know about anyone’s feet. 695 more words

My Journey

The Tax of Life

Besides the dreaded monetary taxes that are due each year on April 15, what are the tariffs we pay in life? Sometimes I think my tariff, my lot in life, is to be a Single Everywoman to the world. 274 more words

My Journey