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Prescription eyewear is the best thing in the world!

I have been a glasses-wearer for longer than I can even remember. I was far too young to be bothered by what other people would think of them so I never had that “but the other kids will tease me” phase, the other kids have never known me without them so it didn’t cross their minds to tease me, I’ve got used to my face with glasses on and quite apart from it squicking me to think of sticking my fingers in my eyes, I would feel sort of defenceless if I switched from glasses to contacts. 469 more words

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Bring on the shiny stuff.

So I wrote last week about how my iPhone and I weren’t getting along when it came to GPS run tracking. I’ve now deleted the apps from my phone and won’t be returning to them (unless of course, as I expect it’s the phone not the software. 200 more words