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New Job Resolutions

I’ve had a few interviews, and another assessment coming up. Things have been busy, and with each thing, I’m a step closer to having a new job. 734 more words

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peace and love

Peace and Love. Always.

Never underestimate the power of love, kindness and forgiveness.

Peace to all. Now and forever.

My Life

7 Maneras de bajar peso controlando las

7 Maneras de bajar peso controlando las hormonas del hambre http://ow.ly/zwSlA #Salud #Consejos #Dietas #Belleza

My Life

Rude Beginnings: Part 3


She sighed softly.

“Can I ask you something?”

Not waiting for a response, she inquired.

“You seem to think you’re dangerous. Why’s that?”

Yeah, he himself was seemingly dangerous, but why did he think he was? 666 more words

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Everything can change in a year

It’s strange how even a year or two can render you almost unrecognisable to yourself. The Áine who started blogging on Sirens & Muses two and half years ago has now disappeared into the folds of history. 242 more words

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My body. My tattoos. My fucking decision.

They say getting a tattoo can be the biggest decision of your life, I’m not sure if I whole-heartedly agree or if I vehemently disagree. For the record I have four of my own, one on each wrist, one on my shoulder and another hidden by the clasp of my bra on my back. 478 more words


An Evening at the Ronald McDonald House

In case you haven’t noticed, besides running, I love cooking and baking. There’s just something about food and creating (and sharing) a meal that makes me happy. 519 more words

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