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To My Sister

This is vague on purpose. It’s addressed to my sister, who has been dealt another serious blow to a series of blows in her life. That is all I am saying on that subject, and she will never actually see this, since I don’t want her knowing about this blog, but I felt like writing something. 244 more words

Life As I Know It

Life, how I use facebook part 4

So, it’s now been about six months since i began following my Facebook friends again and I figured I’d offer an update.

I was finding I was having far more interaction with friends, associates and former acquaintances, as well as being more up to date on current affairs, at least from a satirical point of view. 206 more words

My Life

Basil, Apples, and Planning Next Year's Garden

Nothing signals the end of summer for me like harvesting the basil and dealing with the copious amounts of apples that are dropped on my doorstep.  847 more words

My Life

Personal Challenge #1: Short Stories (Day 4)

Well, it’s day 4. I don’t want to stop writing these stories, so I might start another blog page dedicated to writing. Ill let you know by next week. 1,090 more words

My Life

Relación verdadera..... o amor de verano?

Esta es una historia con la cual sé que muchas chicas se identificaran…

Estamos completamente enamoradas (o al menos eso creemos) de un chico que no sabemos si es nuestro novio o un amor pasajero, salimos, nos besamos, hablamos por teléfono, pero nunca hemos hablado del grado de formalidad de la relación… 710 more words

My Life

A Strike Against SIDS

In July of 2011, the Kansas City Royals were stumbling their way through yet another losing baseball season, their 26th in a row without a trip to the playoffs. 612 more words

My Life

I Would Feel the Same Way

I’m back home.  Something tells me I should have just let what was going to happen happen.  I can’t do that though because I don’t want to give up.  70 more words

My Life