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Reach for the Sky

Is this one tree or many?

This silver birch is on our bottom route and consists of half a dozen or so entwined trunks.

It stands on its own little island of mossy grass where four pathways meet.

My Life

Banana War Zone

It’s always fun when you walk into your kitchen and find a banana war zone.

Especially when you had just gone to the store that morning and bought those bananas. 110 more words

My Life

My cake of the day

Finally i have my cake today. Yummy..yummy…

My Life


All pictures from WeHeartIt.com-√łnskeliste.

I really want to learn to draw!

I am actually on school, so I have to go. I’ll end this post with something funny! 28 more words

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Nak mkn kek!

Stuck jem kt kota damansara..otw to s.alm…
Nk mkn kek la…rs nk mkn kek..so nk singgah kt tesco li kek besday i aritu..hehehe..

Berbuka puasa dgn kek..ermmm..best

My Life

ProMo-Cymru: Day 1


On day one of my time with the organisation, I was immediately put to work, tasked with reviewing a CD and a book by the end of the week, I was grateful for the challenge and immediately got stuck into the book, this was short lived however as I then tasked to write a news article on an upcoming music event in Merthyr Tydfil called “Merthyr Rock,” this required me to grab text from their press release, names of bands and acts announced so far and from past years; and also add text of my own to spice up the passage. 338 more words

Dear Diary

When will I have the courage to say No?

Hello everyone. I haven’t been on wordpress for a long time because finally med caught up with me and I needed to spend more time to study. 468 more words