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It's Been A While: Updates on Me

So I haven’t posted for quite a while, I think right around three weeks now. I have just been so busy with work and driver’s ed that I have had no time to post on here. 330 more words

My Life

New Job, New Chapter

Tomorrow, I start my new job in the Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response at Harvard University.

I am so excited to do something I feel so passionately about. 287 more words

My Life

Productive Workday [7-26-14 Day 20]

Working on Saturdays are always difficult. Any normal person with a normal job has this day off and can spend it doing what they want. Me on the other hand, I have the non deciding choice of either opening or closing. 549 more words

My Life

Elizabeth Berkley

” I had to make some Drastic choices to avoid Losing Myself “

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren
July 28
Farmington Hills Michigan, Usa.

Hace años la conocí en Bayside, de ideas claras y con todo el empuje que un líder posee, sabía que su futuro sería muy interesante. 121 more words

My Life

I feel like I’m stuck. As if I’m rooted to the ground, sinking slowly, as if life wants me to feel how the earth is swallowing me whole, but I’m almost too numb now to resist. 105 more words

My Life

It's not easy. Love.


It’s been a long time since I have focused on a particular blog so here I go, write here, on Love. Please give me your best feedback and it will help me a lot. 351 more words


Sad Truths.


What is this place? Where am I and how did I come to be here? I close my eyes and I’m lying amongst the flowers, with blades of grass scratching my bare skin and the sun blazing through my closed lids. 243 more words