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The 20/20 Experience

When I was a little boy, I loved cars.  To this very day, I still do.  But, all I really wanted to spend what is now my adult life doing was race.   910 more words

Better Me

Christianity Leaves Where Facebook Begins


It’s not as simple as deleting a post or tweet. – Jake Iversen

I took a break from Social Media at the end of the year. 463 more words

Daily Living

Workout Log Week 16

Second post of this kind and I’m already late.. Guess I’m having some kind of writer’s block. So weird. Some weeks I could write every day, some other weeks I don’t even feel like turning on my computer. 373 more words

My Life

day one hundred eleven.

Well, I’m back at my apartment! It’s been a couple months…

It was a pretty huge mess when we first got back. So what did I do? 739 more words


In high school I classified myself as a Christian (well, for a while at least). My mother and father are Christians and they raised us according to His word. 1,516 more words

My Life

My Drive Home

Today while driving home I was passed up by a guy on a motorcycle who then proceeded to do tricks on his bike in the lane in front of me…all I could think of was “please don’t fall off your bike, please don’t fall off your bike….”

My Life