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Bishop Peter Comensoli

(Originally Published December 12, 2014)

Congratulations to Father Peter Comensoli on becoming the new Bishop of the Diocese of Broken Bay! The event happened today, the 12th of December, on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 1,017 more words

My Life

Hope U are all doing well/better today!!!

Hello Everyone…

Hope U are all doing well/better today!!!
I am well, body is doing well today YAY…
I had weird set of dreams last nite, a couple dreams set pre-stroke time the dreams seem to be like what if U went this way n what happens; it almost felt like I was being offered a couple/few different paths instead of living my current one… The dreams were very appealing but to my old life can’t remember much of the dreams but no those dreams/path didn’t offer the joy I have in me now, I was able to walk again n did things that the body loved to do but those things didn’t give me the insights into my spiritual life I have now n Do Not Want to Give Up… My old life had it’s time, I am now on a new n better journey n better mind n heart n soul… I remember denying each dream/paths then waking up feeling Very Good, YAY!!! 11 more words

My Life

Sunday funday

Kello on puoli kolme ja meikäläinen makoilee sohvalla yökkäreissä. Niinhän siinä sitten kävi, että Timin sairastelujen jälkeen sain itsekin flunssan. Mutta voisihan sitä mennä paljon huonomminkin ja parin päivän lepäilyjen jälkeen olo tuntuu jo paljon paremmalta. 283 more words

My Life

I’m not sure where to start.

Do I start with my birth?

The day that only my mother vaguely remembers?

Or today? The day when I most aware and forthcoming? 156 more words


Fallen petals glide peacefully

Love rips the heart sharply

Pain erupts inside me

Answers swirl into oblivion

Snow falls like children dancing happily

Fallen petals cry… 10 more words


The sleep deprived wonderings of a critical man...

Dear x,

Hmm…I’m tired, actually very tired, as I have been spending a lot of time catching up with old friends and folks, which while fun is somewhat tiring. 300 more words

My Life


In high school, I was required to complete English to French translations on a weekly basis. In college, minoring in French, the translation obligation continued. I became quite adept at it, even thought about a career as a translator but life took me in a different direction. 923 more words

Life Wisdom