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A Typical Style ?

I love her crazy style, i love all from her.

This Is The Voice Of Silence NO MORE!
See you!

My Everyday

what will your novel be about?

Today I read something that struck me as less than inspiring. It said something along the lines of (and I’m paraphrasing here) “Don’t love someone who treats you like a chapter.” I found this on the blog of an acquaintance of mine. 584 more words

All Of Our Lives

Some thoughts

I’m awake right now knowing that I need to sleep. But I’m thinking about many things. My past specifically. Sometimes I was alone, without friends or family. 36 more words

My Life

Just An Angry Rant

So I have been dealing with a lot lately. I have a lot a pressure on me. and so far it feels like the people who “care” about me, could give two s**** less (awesome, right) So feel the love right now… so I’m just going to list all the stuff that has been, bothering me, making me mad, or upsetting me lately… why? 738 more words

My Life

My One Sentence

In this time of my life, a soon-to-be college graduate entering into the “real world” of business, I am often asked what I want to be or do in the future.   283 more words

26 January 2015 - Republic Day

What it means to Indians: 66 years of strength and integrity. 

What it means to my daughter: Yaaay no school today!

#HappyRepublicDay #India

My Life