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Flawesome …. Because God Don’t Make No Junk! After the Madness (Photographs)

I purposefully took over a full week to process after such an incredible event. It was beautiful, but it was also draining and stressful. Proof to me that there is never anything worth having that wasn’t difficult to obtain. 420 more words

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Hormonal issues?

When you hear the word ‘hormone’ you might think about sex, the menstual cycle and menopause. But did you know that about e-v-e-r-y proces in the human body is regulated by hormones?For example, they regulate the growing proces, our metabolism and immunesystem. 760 more words


100 Happy Days: Day 23 -- Only Child Day

Day 23 of #100happydays challenge. According to my Facebook, yesterday was National Sibling Day. Hundreds of my friends were posting pictures with their brothers and sisters, smiling and happy in their unity. 208 more words

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Why you should Tweet

Twitter is one of the more interesting tools out there available in the social media front. People write it off a lot as a useless tool that you can only tweet 140 characters in. 355 more words

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Fashion trends: animal print

It fills me with dread every time I read about the reawakening of animal print in fashion world. Images of Cruella de Vil coats and trashy animal motives crawl into my subconscious, reminding me of how much I abhor snakes, how I don’t know anyone who can make zebra print look classy, and how hard I would find bringing my personality into something so bold and affirmative. 101 more words

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Let it sprout!

Legumes contain loads of  (plantbased) protein, which you need for reparing and preservation of bodytissue. Every cell in our body contains proteins, our muscles and vital organs are practically build on it. 569 more words


The Spies Came in from the Cold

Dressing up is all about imagining yourself in others’ lives. You start from researching the theme of the evening and choosing your outfit carefully, then you go shopping for accessories, exchange ideas with your friends, and ultimately, you transport yourself into another epoch – a time full of suspense, whisper, and secrets. 198 more words

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