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Fashion trends: Love or Hate?

My cousin, who is incredibly clever and lives in Washington, wrote to me the other day with a story about her daughter (my niece Clara). They’d been shopping and bought a pair of shoes for Clara which light up (always wanted a pair of those!). 244 more words

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Healthy and simple snack-time tips t0-g0

I’m always in search for original, healthy and delicious recipes. When you search around on the internet you can find a million ideas and recipes, also for afternoon snacks. 488 more words


Falling in love

Easter holidays are the time when nature falls in love, trying to look its most magnificent, adorning itself with daffodils, bluebells, and cherry blossoms, getting a new haircut and refreshing its makeup arsenal. 140 more words

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Social Media for Your Company

Have you ever thought of having your employees use your social media? These are the people who work for you and have a common goal, the success of your company. 230 more words

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Flawesome …. Because God Don’t Make No Junk! After the Madness (Photographs)

I purposefully took over a full week to process after such an incredible event. It was beautiful, but it was also draining and stressful. Proof to me that there is never anything worth having that wasn’t difficult to obtain. 420 more words

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Hormonal issues?

When you hear the word ‘hormone’ you might think about sex, the menstual cycle and menopause. But did you know that about e-v-e-r-y proces in the human body is regulated by hormones?For example, they regulate the growing proces, our metabolism and immunesystem. 760 more words


100 Happy Days: Day 23 -- Only Child Day

Day 23 of #100happydays challenge. According to my Facebook, yesterday was National Sibling Day. Hundreds of my friends were posting pictures with their brothers and sisters, smiling and happy in their unity. 208 more words

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