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Rising Sunshine

Finally, here’s the Celestia counter piece to Cuddle Moon! I actually posted two sketches for this about three weeks ago (In the Sunshine… 74 more words

My Little Pony

Relacja z 1 Rocznicowego Twilightmeetu

Meet większy jak by nie patrzeć bo niby 3 dniowy ale niekoniecznie. W piatek tylko spaliśmy w Sobote chodziliśmy po panelach a w niedziele zbieraliśmy się i też w zasadzie spaliśmy. 1,126 more words


Hearts and Hooves

I’ve been feeling somewhat nostalgic lately…

Like many tabletop gamers, my introduction to RPGs came from Dungeons & Dragons. More specifically, I came to the game with Basic D&D, using the black “board game” starter set, before transitioning to the… 1,892 more words

Workshops and Witches

Happy New Year!…okay so I’m a month late with that but hey the thought is there right?
Anyway, here are the updates I might have promised in er…August? 504 more words

Brampton Cumbria

Wolf in a Dress

This drawing was inspired by episode 854 of the Freefall webcomic. While making plans for dinner at a restaurant, Florence, who is a Bowman’s wolf (genetically engineered, highly intelligent wolf species in that sci-fi world), explains: 81 more words

Daily Pony

Rainbow Dash Cake in a Jar

I remember when I was my kids age and I was so drawn to anything rainbowfied. Especially that rainbow ice cream that looked yummy on the carton but tasted gross :( was it just me? 318 more words

Drink And Eat

Sleeping Fluttershy

A cute Fluttershy watercolor for Fluttershy Friday! Yay! :D

Once again, you can see sketches below, the bottom one is the oldest. Though practice from the sketches I… 17 more words

My Little Pony