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Being a New fan(brony) to My little pony

I can’t remember how i stumbled upon My Little Pony but once i got into one episode,I had to watch the rest of it! I think i am a slim few of the bronies that like the mare Applejack and in turn I like Applebloom as well because of their sisterly bond. 117 more words


School Is Starting!

I have a really nice teacher named Ms. Young. I have two teachers this year and i’m in Third Grade! Third Grade is really fun because we have a lot of time to read and I love to read. 44 more words

Saoirses Universe

Chibi Dashie

We’re having a cold and rainy summer, it would be nice if a capable weather pony could help us out! Anyway, I just felt like drawing a chibi pony, it’s… 8 more words

Daily Pony

My little ponytail

Fig. 97 ponytail ink & marker by Orilla


Stable II - Official Teaser Demo

And here it is! The first (non-playable) Demo for Stable II, the game adaptation of the popular fanfiction Fallout:Equestria by Kkat.

Stable II will be Free-to-Play for PCs and MACs. 71 more words


If you read my blog often, or any other Aussie beauty blogger for that matter, you’d know that I¬†always talk about how expensive make-up is Down Under. 719 more words

Beauty Products

Orchestra Organisation

Taking care of a bunch of musicians sure is a lot of work. This is for a dear friend, you know who you are! :)

Daily Pony