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Cotton Candy

Dramatic, Eccentric, Eco-Friendly, Heavy Sleeper, Party Animal

LTW: Paranormal Profiteer

Cotton Candy begins the legacy of the Mylipones. For a party animal, Cotton Candy never was very social; it took forever for her to find anyone that she wanted to settle down with…or, well, you know, get knocked up by, which was good enough for me. 423 more words


Drunken Art

Sooooo… apparently? Not only can I draw these Ponies sober? I can also do it… drunk. That’s right: I was commissioned to draw a friend as a Pony while completely “schwasted”. 137 more words

Pinkie and Claire

So, every now and then, either people that I know or even the neighborhood kids will commission me to make them draw them or other little girls that they know as, you guessed it, a customized pony. 194 more words

Gamer Luna

If you all didn’t know, Gamer Luna is a Princess Luna but in another universe, she plays the modern games and has her own friend DERPY. 18 more words

My Little Pony

‘The Equestranauts’ was a very hard episode of Bob’s Burgers to watch, but not in that sexually-charged awkward confusing kind of way.

The episode is a parody about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but more importantly Bronies. 180 more words


My new MLP blog!

Hey everypony!

This is my new blog that i created about MLP! I hope you enjoy it, as I am just getting started and please no hate. 18 more words