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Sometimes Willpower is not enough - How I've improved my mental health recently

I feel I’ve had a good week mentally. I feel pretty good and I’ve got through the week without any blips, upset, major anxiety or drop in mood. 903 more words

My Mental Health

Feeling Stronger and Hopeful

A couple of posts ago I wrote about how low I was and how the time had come for me to find time for me again.  1,573 more words

My example of how I use my self-care plan template

Hi everyone,

This will be a very brief post in terms of my writing. I’ll let the pictures do the writing for me :-)

This is something I did today using my own self-care & recovery plan template I recently designed. 116 more words

My Mental Health

self-care & recovery plan

This is something I’m doing for myself this weekend. I decided that simply having a “self-care plan” in my head and making a few vague written notes was not enough. 523 more words

My Mental Health

disclosing your mental health problems to an employer

In this blog I wanted to share, for my first time ever really, the anxiety that arises from the decision as to whether or not to declare your anxiety to your future employer! 1,113 more words

My Mental Health

blushing - my ordeal

I remember it first starting when I was about 17. I was into my A Levels at college. I had opted against staying at my secondary school’s sixth form for my A Levels. 1,161 more words

My Mental Health