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my Lesson

mudik lebaran kali ini special banget.
ketemu orang-orang hebat yang memang pantas untuk disebut ‘Guru’ dan dapet respect serta salute dari gw and semua orang. 717 more words

My Heart

Until Struggling was Futile

The allure of silence
Was an anchor in secret
Drawing me ever closer
To the depths of many before

It was a tremendous weight
Laying claim to my weary figure… 40 more words


The words are dancing again.

   When I am alone my thoughts begin to swirl. They flow up and down and all around. I never know where they will go. Sometimes I remember. 79 more words

My Mind

That something inside

   My whole life I have been good at pretending things are OK. I’m pretty much a professional at it. As a mom I have to be really good at it. 239 more words

My Mind

Ragtime Anthems

I revel in the fond gusts
Of cherished refrains
Penned long ago

As the notes flare
And soar to their prime
Meeting the fervor
Of decades lost … 22 more words


In the night, I am still with you.

I had a conversation with God last night – not that we don’t normally talk, but I hadn’t had a good heart to heart with Him in a while, my mind was to full and I had been struggling to let Him give anything back; I didn’t know how to take what He was giving, I wasn’t even sure what that was. 187 more words


The Unheeded Whisper

I carry on
Like an unheeded whisper
Buried alive
By the bustle of conversation

Words gush away
Expunged without a care
As thought withdraws
From each cold lifeless grin… 37 more words