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Passing Terrors

It is all in my mind
These passing terrors
Nightfall’s tremors
Are but a transient phase

It is strife I must
Endure brazen
Drained of reluctance… 38 more words


Wanita Single Beli Rumah Sendiri?? Perlukah???

Bagi kebanyakan wanita, mungkin ini hal yang belum menjadi trend. Mereka lebih sering menggunakan uang yang mereka miliki untuk memenuhi kebutuhan pribadi, seperti membeli baju baru, membeli kosmetik, bergonta-ganti… 464 more words


Swan Dive

Scorched days pave
Slithering paths in the sand
As the mind falls victim
Preyed upon by delusion

It has become my fate
In the safety and solitude of home… 91 more words


Weightless Thoughts

All I uncover
Is the nagging present
As it fastens to my garments
In sheer desperation

For now
All passing thoughts
Are but hollow clouds… 51 more words



… So different when no one is around. You act like two different people. It’s like I hardly know you when you’re with work colleagues,  you put on this ‘blokey’ front like you are one of the lads,  when deep down you and I both know you’re not.  435 more words


Prisons and Patience.

As a part of my new daily routine, I have been waking up earlier each morning before work to read a passage from my mom’s old Bible. 429 more words

My Mind

I haven't been hiding... OK maybe a little.

As a writer if I write something and don’t immediately put it out there, I am likely to never show it. Mostly because if I look at my work too long I feel it slowly turns into a big pile of letter crap. 169 more words

My Mind