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RG-31 - Weathering

Past weeks I have been playing with oils and pigments. And adding and fixing all the small details. This is the tedious part, where you have to touch up everything, hand paint the tools, etc. 91 more words


De retour à la couture.. Segovie

Je vous propose ce nouveau modèle.. Une robe trapèze avec décolleté dans le dos :)
Fraîche et légère ! Elle est mon nouvel allié de l’été :D… 9 more words

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BRDM-2: Painting & chipping

Here we go… some real fun…some faded Russian green and rust to go with it…



Now I do have special plans for this one….

It was rather quick build, though there are places where kit designers could do better! In any case Trumpeter kit is miles ahead of the old Dragon one which falls more in the category of toys rather then serious model kits.


Deadzone - Plague Painting Guide!

With the main bulk of my Plague force fully painted and ready to rip some faces off, I thought I would share the methods I used to get them looking how I did these guys… 484 more words

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Deadzone - Plague Booster!

So I have added a booster to my Plague force…

This will give them a wee bit extra oomphf, especially with a couple of Frag weapons in there:). 136 more words

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Deadzone - Plague Strider Finished!

This model is a beauty! I found it really easy to put together, especially as the components allow a great degree of flexibility to the pose, giving you an awesome looking model no matter what :) 229 more words

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