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Deadzone - Plague Painting Guide!

With the main bulk of my Plague force fully painted and ready to rip some faces off, I thought I would share the methods I used to get them looking how I did these guys… 303 more words

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Deadzone - Plague Booster!

So I have added a booster to my Plague force…

This will give them a wee bit extra oomphf, especially with a couple of Frag weapons in there:). 136 more words

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Deadzone - Plague Strider Finished!

This model is a beauty! I found it really easy to put together, especially as the components allow a great degree of flexibility to the pose, giving you an awesome looking model no matter what :) 229 more words

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Deadzone - Plague Stage 1 Finished!

The final model from the Plague starter, the Stage 1, is finished. Now I’ve got one hell of a beast to lead the swarm, pack, herd? 68 more words

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Deadzone - Plague Stage 2's Complete

Another 3 models are done from the Plague faction starter bringing itĀ ever closer to completion. This time it’s some of the big guys…

I’m happy with how they turned out, although as they don’t have any of the orange and blue the Stage 3’s have they do look a little out of place alongside them. 28 more words

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Deadzone - Plague Stage 3's Complete!

I’m cracking on with the Plague faction with the stage 3’s getting the first licks of paint. Just the flesh done for now…

It was surprisingly easy to get the flesh the way I wanted it, and if you fancy giving it a go here’s how I did it… 189 more words

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Deadzone - Strider Unboxing!

Finally managed to get my hands on one of these bad boys, so let’s take a look at what you get….

This is the main components you get in the box, and this is the extras… 177 more words

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