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Deadzone - Even More Advertising!

Above and beyond the posters I’d added previously I wanted to add something that looked a little more official, which is where Antenocitis Workshops Medium Advertising Boards came in… 70 more words

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Deadzone - Air Filtration Units &Barricades Complete!

The next batch of Antenocitis Workshop scenery is done and another layer of character added to the Deadzone Board :)

The barricades I wanted to stand out a bit and after having a search on google thought they would look great with hazard stripes. 65 more words

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Deadzone - Antenocitis Billboards Complete!

The first of my Antenocitis Workshop scenery for Deadzone is finished and ¬†think it will definitely add even more¬†flavour to the table…

I’ve chosen to paint this stuff up to match the rest of the terrain and added the actual ads using the same method as the posters. 39 more words

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Warhammer - Vampire Counts For Sale!

Just added an old Vampire Counts army of mine to Ebay. Click on the images to go directly to the listing :)

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Deadzone- Rebs Commander & Judwan Medic Finished!

With these 2 models done, that’s my Rebs strike force fully painted :), until the second survey gets sent out that is ;)

There was only a couple of extra bits to add to these and I’ll go into a bit of detail as to how they were done: 273 more words

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Bring back the 60's: mod hair & make-up

Hair & Make-up: E.Ve Make-up(by Elena Veronica Mazilu)
Model: Mihaela Vraciu
Accessories: Znahor
Photograpghy & editing: C.P.Axenoi

Awsome decade this was, especially when it comes to creativity in make-up, hairstyles and outfits. 63 more words

E.Ve Make-up

Deadzone - Extra Buildings!

I had one set of terrain left over still to build and decided I would do something a little bit different with it. The idea was to have a couple of structures that had a clear use before the containment protocol was put into effect. 199 more words

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