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'Patrick Spens' - a rewrite

You have to have a particular kind of hubris to attempt a rewrite of an iconic traditional folk song like ‘Sir Patrick Spens’, I guess – especially with the ghosts of all who have done it before peering over your shoulder! 487 more words


Still Waters (original music)

I just noticed that I am moving away from pop music towards “eerie” music. It must be because of my mood or state of mind but with regard to my music, I think I am liking it. 124 more words

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I was in the kitchen, cleaning the grill, when my supervisor walked up and said “When are you playing?”

and I said “Tonight.”

And she was like “Well, yeah, but when? 42 more words


The Big Apple

I was inspired by a trip flying to NYC anticipating the crowds, the coldness that comes with it.  The human coldness, I mean.  Wrote these lyrics on the way… 134 more words

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Rebuilding from within

I was traveling back to Portland through the Chicago zoo called O’Hare.  I walked into this frenzied, crowded, sweaty place.  Children screaming, mothers chasing kids, people,like zombies making their way through this swirling mass of humanity.   219 more words

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Nothing Beats The Classics

Photo by Krystian Olszanski

I listen to a variety of music–from pop to alternative, from folk to rock. And although I love highlighting up-and-coming bands on my blog, this post will be a little different. 556 more words

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All In One - Johnny Hits YouTube

As a writer and artist, I use many different ways to express myself. Video production has never been one of those until today. I put together a video of the things that are me. 30 more words