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If you see yourself the way God sees you, you will love yourself.

Ask God to show you how he sees you today! 

God is love. 

My Musings

Try simple things

The simple thing, I would like us to try is- Try Treating people like children.


Because, People are foremost on the Father’s heart,

Yet, you’d agree that people, can be the most complex to understand and work with. 270 more words

My Musings

Energies for May

Anyone who had felt the energies this month is going to be relieved to know for those who are transiting over good things are in store.  1,182 more words


Pure Breed Dogs and Cats

There are some people who want a pure bred dog.  Instead of buying one I don’t think many people realize that shelters actually have pure bred dogs and some pure bred cats.  534 more words


Prime numbers and factors

I was struck today at how reluctant to write some learners are.  Mathematics is not generally a subject where you are expected to write a lot.   181 more words

Gcse Maths

To do as Jesus did, we need to think as Jesus thinks.

My Musings

I am not a Christian because of what I say, I am not a Christian based on what I do. I am a Christian because it’s who I Am.

Nature before nurture. 

My Musings