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Prime numbers and factors

I was struck today at how reluctant to write some learners are.  Mathematics is not generally a subject where you are expected to write a lot.   181 more words

Gcse Maths

To do as Jesus did, we need to think as Jesus thinks.

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I am not a Christian because of what I say, I am not a Christian based on what I do. I am a Christian because it’s who I Am.

Nature before nurture. 

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Easter trumps Christmas



Agreed you’ll need an entrance before you do the Exit, yet the Bible records

‘A good reputation is more valuable than costly perfume. And the day you die is better than the day you are born’. 113 more words

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Adopting v.s. Fostering

When adopting a pet always make sure it matches your energy level.  Pets that are in shelters might have a behavioral problem so if you have other pets let the shelter know so they can set up a day where you can bring in your pets to see if they get along.  267 more words


The Irish 1 - The Vikings 0; Was Brian Boru a Benevolent High King or Terrible Tyrant?

Well, it’s Good Friday, and I couldn’t let the day go by without mentioning the Battle of Clontarf, now, could I? The chances are, if you live in Ireland, you’ll be sick of hearing about it by now. 981 more words

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Heart attack symptoms in Women

I am sharing something that I have found out that happened to about 3 women so far.  Many women do not realize when they are having a heart attack.  295 more words