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Guest Post - Make Him Feel Like a Man

You wait for him to text or email. You distract yourself with TV and Facebook. You wait. And wait. Oh, forget this.

You text him. 485 more words


I guess I am back in the dating game.

My co-workers seemed genuinely surprised that I date. Whoops.

My Musings

I Choose Joy

When I wrote Woman of Courage a few months ago I was in the middle of making a huge life decision. It was new, it was exciting, and I felt empowered. 441 more words


Throwback Thursday - My Big Fat Greek Wedding

In three days, I will be travelling with my family back to the beautiful Greek island of Kalymnos… we’re all very excited! Every year, we say we’re going to try somewhere different, but every year we end up going back, we just can’t seem to tear ourselves away! 216 more words

My Musings

Soul's Calling

A person close to me asked me, as I was pondering over a friend of mine that is, well lost.  Now, I do believe that people aren’t really “lost” per say, I feel that they are just on their journey.   339 more words

Self Discovery

Guest Post - Five Mistakes I Made as a New Blogger

I’m still relatively new out here but I was your poster blogger for clueless newbies a year ago. I wasn’t familiar with blogs; it was a friend who introduced me to WordPress. 488 more words


Never the Same Again

I was reading a news article about the shooting down of the Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine.  The article was about how it would never be the same again in reference to Russia and that area of the world and went on to compare the recent event to the shooting of the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, whose assassination 100 years ago sparked World War I. 72 more words