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What Thanksgiving Means to Me? - Unoma Nwankwor

I  believe that every day should be Thanksgiving. We should have some reason to be thankful every day. Being intentional in our thanks makes our burdens light. 186 more words

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What does thanksgiving mean to you? What are you thankful for? #HappyThanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving...

Well, I am supposed to be en route to West Palm Beach, via the Atlantic Ocean. The plan was to drive down to Savannah this past Saturday, provision the boat , BTW an awesomely handsome 47′ racing catamaran, on Sunday, and depart the port of Savannah early Monday, destination south. 667 more words

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Microwaves Destroy Nutrients?

You know that Facebook post going around about how the Microwave destroys nutrients in our foods? In fact I steam all my frozen veggies in the microwave! 27 more words

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56 Years Ago Today

I’ve been on this earth 56 years as of 10:30 or so this morning. I was one of those RH babies.. Mom has AB Negative blood and I have A Positive blood. 274 more words

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My Favorite Things: November Edition

It’s been a crazy season. Even though I’ve felt pretty worn down lately, I thought it’d be good to take a minute to think about the fun things that I’m thankful I get to enjoy. 280 more words

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Shun the Fear

Fear destroys the toughest of man,
your biggest enemy,
it chains you by the shackles of
a non existent belief of being
wrong, being rejected, bring broken. 78 more words

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Without you I am nothing

2014 is coming to a close, and I can finally say that I have achieved almost all that I set out to do at the beginning of the year. 493 more words

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