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Looking for Monsters?

Well, I have an endlessly curious mind… I am always watching shows I think are being truthful but are not always like:

The Haunting Of… … 199 more words

My Musings

The Occasional Artist - Me!

I am a Folk artist but you’d never know it unless you looked in my Museum Quality Manuscript Box where I store all my Pen and Ink and Watercolor artwork I call Folk Art. 137 more words

My Musings

TABOO // No Angel Boutique

I have lived in Newark, Nortinghamshire for nearly 2 years and I had the delight of visiting ‘No Angel’ Boutique for the first time on Friday. 214 more words


Just a Coincidence

Remember how I took out the book HEAVEN IS FOR REAL by Todd Burpo from the library?  Well I started reading a few chapters before supper last night. 43 more words

My Musings

Life After Death

I’m rather fascinated with Life After Death stories. I believe our souls/spirits go SOMEWHERE when we die.  I’ve believed in Reincarnation for the last 12 years I’d say. 323 more words

My Musings

Lemon Bars at a Memorial

My Great Aunt who was married to dad’s uncle died last Saturday, she was 86 years old. She was a wonderful, happy, positive, strong woman. She broke her pelvis this year and struggled to recover. 246 more words

My Musings

Dueling with Ancient Egyptian Monsters, or, Yu-Gi-Oh! (Musing)

If you have kids in their “middle childhood” (8-10) or adolescents, then you may be familiar with what is called a “collectible trading card game.” Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Duel Masters are all popular franchises but the one to take the childhood world by storm the previous decade was the latest Japanese phenomenon- Yu-Gi-Oh! 925 more words

My Musings