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The Liberator (Part 1)

He sat silently on the edge of his couch that was parallel to a wall decorated only in newspaper articles and headlines. He read every headline and every article title almost every day to the point where he memorized all seven hundred and twenty of them by heart in chronological order. 2,527 more words


I Am Who He Says I Am

Hi, guys!

What an amazing start to a brand new year! 2015 has already been challenging for me in many ways, but filled to the brim with rich relationships (and a lot of Friends on Netflix. 575 more words

So Be It


My name is…
Dreamer, I am yours
Come see me

Out from the dark
I am the light
And it humbles me
Because it scares me… 143 more words

Nice to meet you orrrr....

The awkward first meeting..

No, but seriously don’t you hate that weird introduction stage, like come on, I have a million interesting things I could tell you about myself, but you get asked on the spot.. 230 more words