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Catching my breath from this busy week! Looking forward to posting my Studio Ghibli post tomorrow though, like I promised. (Also experimenting with post formats…) So, till then!



Hot Topic and Her Universe Present Studio Ghibli

When it comes to animated films, there’s just something about Studio Ghibli films that really capture that sense of magic and wonder. From the stunningly beautiful visuals to the fantastical stories, these films have won the hearts of many. 207 more words

Her Universe

My Neighbor Totoro

GAHH. Totoro was so cute. I swear I could have crumpled his nose. Hahaha.

Story-wise, I was left hanging. Like, hanging on a strand of dental floss. 76 more words

Comments And Critiques

Fav Five Studio Ghibli Films

Three weeks ago, I was one of the few anomalies on the planet who has never watched a Studio Ghibli movie. I’ve always heard that they are the best of the best animated movies, but I never experienced them first hand. 900 more words

Sadaka W. Articles

Top 5 Studio Ghibli Films

Most of us grew up enjoying the never-ending cat and mouse hate-love relationship of Tom and Jerry,  the crime-busting girls The Powerpuff Girls, Doraemon’s unlimited supply of gadgets, and super saiyan battles in Dragon Ball Z. 494 more words

"My Neighbor Totoro": the anime that will make you fall in love with anime

By Roxanne Pfaus, Film Syrup’s VP and official stylist for all major Film Syrup photo shoot collaborations.

The 1988 Japanese animated film My Neighbor Totoro… 437 more words

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