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The Neighborhood - Studio Ghibli Cocktail

This was a really fun cocktail to make. It was the first time I started with a theme and worked back to the ingredients. Here’s The Neighborhood, based on My Neighbor Totoro. 448 more words


Another Brick in the wall, Walking Bricks shirts at ShirtPunch Affiliate Post.

 ShirtPunch today only two Brick themed shirt the first is Another Brick in the Wall  and the other is Walking Bricks. The other designs are animation related featuring Pokemon and my my neighbor Totoro. 86 more words


Ghibli Up, It's Nostalgia Time

There’s been a lot of talk about Studio Ghibli lately, and how, chances are, it’s going to be closing its doors to feature film production (a synopsis can be found… 188 more words


Top 5 Studio Ghibli Movies

Last week’s news that Studio Ghibli may be stepping away from making any new movies had us both feeling sad, though there are some suggestions that it may be only a temporary hiatus. 492 more words

Top 5s

What's in a Name: Studio Ghibli Takes a 'Pause'

By: Jordan Ferguson

What a difference a syllable makes.

It’s been a strenuous week for nerds as a flurry of conflicting reports has been hitting the Internet concerning the future of beloved Japanese animation house Studio Ghibli. 1,377 more words


Grading Studio Ghibli

While news of the demise of Studio Ghibli has been much exaggerated, rumors of the company shutting down, or even ending its original animation production, certainly unnerved the many of us who adore the studio’s films.  703 more words


This Girl Getting Her Ghibli On

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not a really big Disney fan. Instead, when it comes to children’s movies with really great messages I turn to Studio Ghibli. 499 more words