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When the words, “go back to your own country,” escape someone’s mouth, I can’t help but think, that’s what the Native Americans told us before we slaughtered them all… 137 more words


Fly with A380

I am awed. No, make it dumbstruck. Just looking at this gigantic flying machine – the Lufthansa Airbus A380 #LufthansaA380, makes me gape at the screen ! 650 more words

My Opinions

Is Islam a Terrorist Religion?

Many questions are of course being asked the world over on whether out Muslim brothers and sisters are practicing a genuine faith; or whether their key doctrines advocate for the massacre of fellow-men in the name of… 484 more words

My Opinions.

if you don't care about what's happening right now, you're part of the problem.

if you’re protesting abortion, the supreme court says you can get right in women’s faces and scream at them on their way into the clinic. because freedom of speech, right? 191 more words


Constantine: Danse Vaudou. A macabre Mardi Gras for our bastard magician.

Warning: This review contains spoilers. Yes, I’m doing spoilers now. I know this is contrary to my established policies, but I’ve realised that if I don’t change them, every one of these things are going to sound the same. 922 more words

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I don’t know about ya’ll but I hate school!  I don’t just hate it I hate it with a passion!!!!  If school was a physical object I would beat it, burn it, and blow it up!!! 18 more words


Wretched and Divine

I am the innocent
I am what could have been
The dreams you talk about,
Now left on broken skin
Here lies hysteria,
A land where chaos reigns…

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Black Veil Brides