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Ini Soal Keberadaan

Kali ini Gue ingin sedikit ngebacot, haha!

Untuk sebagian orang berada di sekitar orang banyak itu seru, ya ga?
Tapi ga sedikit juga yang memilih sendirian itu… 111 more words

My Opinions

Coba Berpikir tentang Masalah

Pernah ga sih berpikir untuk lari aja dari masalah? Mencoba memilih buat hidup sendiri tanpa orang lain?
Berapa kali lo berpikir kaya gitu? Pasti setiap kali lo dapet masalah kan? 80 more words

My Opinions

Constantine: The Saint of Last Resort. Saving babies south of the border

It’s a magical time of year, isn’t it? But when it’s the magic of John Constantine’s variety, you might not want to let it into your home. 524 more words

Opinion Piece

United We Stand, Divided We Fall...My Thoughts On Police Brutality

My busy work schedule has prevented me from expressing my opinion via my blog, but I still had an opinion. To be honest, it took me a couple of days to get my mind together after I learned the NYC Grand Jury chose not to indict the police officers that killed Eric Garner.I was in my hotel room in St, Louis, Missouri and was literally numb.   208 more words

My Opinions

Road safety in India

Have you ever driven your vehicle without abusing some good person on the road in India? I think I never found such a good opportunity because either some vehicle driver would change his lane without indicating or the two wheeler rider would overtake your car from the wrong side and when he overtakes, you get that sinking feeling and you feel like telling the guy that god just granted him a new life. 931 more words

My Opinions

the art of the essay

I am fairly awful at blogging. This is the result of a few things, the first of which being that I really don’t have anything to say. 704 more words

Digital Literacy & Me

Final Reflective Blog Post

As the world becomes more and more digital, digital literacy becomes more and more important. It has come to the point where certain skills cannot be ignored or underutilized anymore. 879 more words

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