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In Translation

I think it’s shit that the one time I hit back

I get this “no-contact” visitation rule.

I take the abuse for months

And the one damn time I punch back… 236 more words


Today I Waved At Him.

Today I swallowed my pride and waved at him.
I put the insomniac nights and lost years of my life behind me and just waved at him. 55 more words


Things I'm Done With.

I’m done with sorry’s.
No more wearing them like pearls around my neck,
Trying to recognize my reflection as I pinch the apologies off my flesh, 231 more words


How the Conversation Really Goes.

You know how they say
you know this person is the one
when you sit down
and have a conversation with them
for hours
and time passes by… 224 more words


Beautiful Distraction.

That’s all you are to me, a beautiful distraction.
With a grin as a motive for me to leap off my bed, jump into my jeans, 173 more words


She was Clyde & He was Bonnie.

Rebellious, because that’s how she felt as he held a fan to her face, convinced her it was a Nor’easter heading their way,
With rhinestones in the palm of her hand, how their imaginations molded that pile into carats of gold, 191 more words


The Downside.

Held you in my womb as I watched you on the screen,
Doctor looked concerned and was muttering under her breath,
She said, she said, 349 more words