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Daddy's girl

A pretty good shot of the calico colors! True fact: She will only allow her papa to pick her up for so long or put his arm around her. 9 more words


That strong yawn!

So last night, Jiji went about climbing his cat tower his usual way. He climbs up the poles rather than hopping up the platforms. This time though, the pole snapped due to the plastic cracking and down he went with part of the tower. 22 more words


Weekend Jade

Tomorrow marks six weeks since I met Jade, after she met the underside of a truck. We have a vet appointment later this week for the official six week check up to see if her fractured pelvis has healed. 21 more words

My Pets


Poor Jiji! At least she found something she likes to play with I guess. It just starts a kitty war every time.


‘Hey, wake up!’ Vs. ‘Let’s sleep more, nyaa.’


The Results!

Guess there wasn’t enough room on the bed for once and they had a kitty battle. Poor Jiji!